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RE: ONE-LINERS Re: Msg 756

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RE: ONE-LINERS (Re: Msg 756)

I was also a regular on CompuServe as you probably know until recently. I had
just moved and notified them two weeks prior to my move that I was closing out
my current bank account and then a few days later I gave them the new account
info. They didn’t listen at all and tried my old account twice and then sent
me a bill and said pay within 15 days or else and if you want back in to send
a $10 reconnection fee. I told them that if they had that attitude then there
was no way I’d get back in, never. They can take their whole system and shove
it where the sun don’t shine! Have you got you latest newbx’s up here yet? I’ve
got newbx and nwbx1 and want the rest as you did a very fine job on them. Very
good indeed! I also have the erratic echo problem on Tymnet and when I had
Uninet it happened there, but much worse. I see that they just ironed out the
double backspace problem as it seems to be working fine. If I figure out how
to edit I’ll let you know so everyone doesn’t have to look at fouled up
messages. I do know that if you haven’t hit CR yet you can backspace to make
the corrections but after that I’m lost.

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: ONE-LINERS (Re: Msg 1020)

    Nice to see you HERE. I am still a little bit away from hitting my
    stride on this system. I think I’ve got uploads figgered out…
    but have yet to start really blasting stuff up here.
    The NEWBX series now goes up thru NEWBX6! With the permission of
    the sysops here, I’ll upload the series a little later.
    When I get in to some massive upload stuff. Hopefully within a week.
    By the way… CIS’s billing department is NOTORIOUS… from what I hear
    it is SERIOUSLY understaffed.
    thanks for the interest in my stuff!

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: ONE-LINERS (Re: Msg 1032)

    CIS’s billing department really has me TICKED OFF!!! I called them today to find
    out why in —- they used my old account instead of the new account and the
    peeked through the computer and said I gave them the information a little late.
    Well, agreed but I only had a 1 week notice that I was moving myself! Then she
    said that I could have called them and had them stop the transaction before it
    ever took place. The nerve, I told her that I had called on the 3rd of October
    with orders for them NOT to use my old account and if they couldn’t use my new
    account then not to a make a wire transfer at all and I would send them a
    money order instead. They said they couldn’t do that, twice they said they
    couldn’t stop the transaction and now they say they can. I don’t think you
    really want to hear the rest of the conversation and it got hot. From some of
    the things I said I bet Satan himself would’ve blushed. She told me to write
    a letter and I told her I would do one better. I’m gonna get back on and start
    an automatic feedback, two or three a week, until I get satisfaction. They
    burn me up.