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Adventure column

1939 9DEC85-2210 Info on Rainbow
Adventure column
From: 2010 To: JIMREED

Hi! I’m that boy from Atlanta you corresponded with before.
How about a RAINBOW column on Adventure games?
It could provide information on all kinds of adventure riting– what to put in
it, how to write it, advanced parsing, even (must I say it- I’m am
Infocomite)graphics– as well solving and playing them, sample games totype in
, the latest news (such as the “thrilling” news, as I consider it, about
Infocom’s releases for the Coco. Etc., etc., etc. You seriously could do some
neat things in this column- I can give you many more suggestions…
-Hensell Harris, alias 2010

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  • pucc_unknown

    1945 10DEC85-0043 Info on Rainbow
    RE: Adventure column (Re: Msg 1939)
    From: JIMREED To: 2010

    Well, we don’t have a regular column on Adventure games, but we do try to
    book a number of Adventures and Adventure tutorials. Eric Tilenius, who I
    saw in previous message, has written several good tutorials on Adventure
    writing and we plan to have him in CoCo Conference from time to time.
    At this point< i don't wish to add any more departments or regular
    columns, but you can be sure we will have more good Adventures in future
    By the way, the Adventure contest judging is in full swing, and we’ll
    be printing the top winners plus add still another Adventure book to
    the Rainbow Bookshelf.
    –Jim Reed