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RE: word wackers OS9 Re: Msg 7465

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RE: word wackers OS9 (Re: Msg 7465)

Well Marty, I just got a new modem a few days ago. It’s that new Zipper 2400
from Priority 1 Electronics which I snatched up for $399 if you beleive it.
I am quite nicely surprised in that it has more options than a Cadillac
showroom. It even features CCITT/BELL 212A compatibility with the flip of an
AT command. I have been thoroughly testing it with Xmodem downloads, text files,
logging on/off, etc. and have had no problem connecting except to one system.
Seems it has a problem with US Robotics modems. I called one at 2400 and the
USR answered and gave a 300 baud carrier but never switched to 1200 or 2400
baud carier and this modem refuses to connect at 1200 or 2400 until it receives
least a 1200 baud carrier. I wonder how many other modems are like the USR. On
the bright side if you call a system at 2400 and it doesn’t support 2400 then it
will time out from the time it switched to 1200 and should switch to 2400 and
connect at a fall-back rate of 1200. Does produce some garbage that way but at
least it connects and allows you to change the baud rate of the terminal. Best
part of all is that it has a 2 year warrantee…

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: word wackers OS9 (Re: Msg 7494)

    What you’re saying there sounds really weird… in other words, your modem
    won’t connect at 1200 until it gets a 1200 *answer* tone? That’s really a
    problem! The way most modems handle connecting at 1200 is to answer with a
    300 baud answer, wait for the remote to send a 1200 originate, then to send
    a 1200 answer. The same goes for 2400 instead the modem answers with a 300,
    the remote sends a 2400 originate, and the host responds with a 2400 answer.

    If I understand what you’re saying, then your modem goes the *other* way…
    waiting for the host to send a 1200 answer tone before it’ll respond with
    a 1200 originate. Sounds like an engineer somewhere got a bit too creative.
    There should be some way to disable that, as it’s far from being standard in
    any sense of the word.

    And since most of the boards running 2400 baud are using USR modems (thru that
    deal way back when where sysops could buy ’em cheap) .. you’re gonna find
    yourself lying sleepless at night, surrounded by ghosts of Hayes 2400 baud

    — Erik

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: word wackers OS9 (Re: Msg 7494)

    I will be interested in hearing follow up reports!!

    Am delighted you are pleased with that item…
    I saw it myself in Priority One catalog.

    For my part, considering that on Delphi 2400 baud is
    in X modem only 1.3 times faster (via Uninet or Tymnet)
    than 1200 baud, and it is ONLY in X modem that I need real speed,
    and considering that currently neither Delphi nor the CoCo
    supports any sensibly designed error correcting protocols
    oriented to efficient use of 1200 baud and up, I will
    wait before buying my 2400 baud unit. The price can ONLY
    plummet. I do feel you chose VERY wisely in getting
    a unit that supports CCITT protocol!!!!! VERY VERY wisely!!!

    The use of Bell 212A here in the US seems awfully stupid to
    me, as most of the rest of the world uses CCITT, and in many if not
    all Eureopean countries Bell 212A modem tones will totally
    foul up the local switching systems. Eventually, I suspect,
    212A may get replaced by CCITT. There currently is strong
    internaional pressure on the US in that direction.

    Here’s to a future totally international modem transmission


  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: word wackers OS9 (Re: Msg 7521)

    Here here, now’s here’s my vote toward international standards among
    modemming… There is one quirk with it… It won’t manually originate
    properly but it will manually answer. In order to manually originate
    I have to type ‘ATD’ and the other feller simulates a dial tone and then
    gives carrier and it connects but without simulating a dial tone I get
    a ‘NO DIALTONE’ repsonse and it hangs up. Unless I’m missing some sort
    of command to force it do it I’m at a loss as to why. I plan on giving
    Priority One a call and find out why. I bought 2400 purely for the
    purpose of finally getting my BBS written and on-line at 2400 baud…
    That is if I can ever get out of these apartments and into a house
    or find someone willing to put up with the system. I just simply refuse
    to have a second phone line in an apartment, especially at $102.50 a shot!
    I take it you have caught my message about the BUG RIDDEN Last Word that
    Computerware is selling. Here’s some ideas I have for my own word processor.
    I am going to attempt to come up with my own bug free that will have the
    powers of much larger systems using modules, ie. if you want to look up a
    word in the dictionary it calls in the lookup module and runs it. I’m
    kicking around some ideas at the moment and am looking for some suggestions
    that some of you might like to throw in.