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RE: mono on coco 3 Re: Msg 14031

14061 30SEP86-0223 Hardware Hacking
RE: mono on coco 3 (Re: Msg 14031)

Under WHAT operating system? Under OS-9 level ONE I know nothing
about what options are built in to the sytem… there probably ARE none.
All that will offer is the worthless color composite striped signal
on the monochrome monitor. Tho a patch or module for OS 9 level
one may be available eventually. Under OS-9 level TWO I am told
there will be a mode command that will allow you to set the output
of the composite port to monochrome. Under RS BASICK, we will
eventually find the appropriate SHADOW REGISTER in the base page
that can be POKED in order to set up for monochrome output.

Dale Lear has both a CoCo3 AND a monochrome monitor, and he may be
able to enlighten you further.

That’s user name DALELEAR.


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  • pucc_unknown

    14081 30SEP86-1855 Hardware Hacking
    RE: mono on coco 3 (Re: Msg 14061)

    Since most of my work will be under OS9 Lv II, it looks as if I’ll
    be ok, though we all know that since shack has once again FAILED to
    provide for monochrome composite, it will be up to us
    to do it!. Geez with the proper patch for BASIC and OS9 shack
    could sell its VM-1 Composite monitor along with the CoCo 3 whne
    they can’t seel them the new RBG monitor. Oh well, I just
    feel that shack will NEVER relaise that marketing

    —Mark S.

  • pucc_unknown

    14124 1OCT86-0515 Hardware Hacking
    RE: mono on coco 3 (Re: Msg 14081)

    I fully agree that Radio Shack has made a big mistake
    in NO
    T emphasizing the option of using a monochrome monitor
    with the Coco 3. But do note that at the hardware level,
    between the color /monochrome bit in the GIME, and the
    options available by choosing the correct foreground and
    background color, the CoCo 3 is (wiht proper software set up!)
    quite capable of producing a decent (tho not spectacular) image
    on a monochrome monitor. I KN
    OW that… I’ve seen Dale Lear
    set up a very nice monochrome 80 col screen on his.


  • pucc_unknown

    14538 6OCT86-2018 Hardware Hacking
    RE: mono on coco 3 (Re: Msg 14124)

    Hmm, Guess Tandy just COUNLDN’T get it all right. Now
    I hear that the characters are.. well.. ugly! Perhaps since
    we now know that the underline char, an ascii 85 displays
    as a back arrow, you could let us know what (STILL) doesn’t
    match ascii norms. A list perhaps? Or is it the same character
    set as the CoCo 2, just true lower case letters?

    p.s. That should be ascii 95!

  • pucc_unknown

    14571 6OCT86-2325 Hardware Hacking
    RE: mono on coco 3 (Re: Msg 14538)


    (1) While note MY idea of ideal, the overall design
    of the character font on the T1 / CoCo 3 is NOT
    nearly as bad as some here have said. Not wonderful,
    but certainly not awful either. Many will actually like it.
    So let’s let that issue rest!

    (2) You are quite correct, however, in saying the simpering
    simians at Fort Worth lacked the brain power to figure out how
    to give it the full correct ASCII set.

    The set is overall reasonably correct… glancing over
    it I see the following descrepancies:

    (note this is from a preliminary spec sheet… it is possible
    that they have changed it a little since then!)

    ASCII $5E (which should be a CARET) is represented in the GIME
    as an UP ARROW.

    ASCII $5F (which should be an underline) is represented in the

    ASCII $60 (which should be a backwards apostrophe) is
    represented on the GIME as a caret

    And ASCII $7F (which should be a non printing delete char)
    generates an UNDERLINE on the GIME chip.

    Those idiots!