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RE: Multipaks Re: Msg 13657

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RE: Multipaks (Re: Msg 13657)

PBJ abandonned all of its third party non express order CoCo products
because they were not selling well enough. It at this time only
makes the Word Pak RS for Radioshack (80 col card), but THAT
may be discontinued eventually in the light of the CoCo 3’s
support for 80 columns. PBJ now concentrtes on products for the
Tandy 1000 market, where it is now making FAR more money than in
the the Coco market. “Ya don’t need a weatherman to tell which
way the wind blows.”


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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Multipaks (Re: Msg 13667)

    You probably know this, but the PBJ prototype board can be obtained from
    MOCO, inc.
    91 Surfside Road
    PO box A
    Scituate,MA 02055
    (617) 545-2040

    It’s a nice board, copper on glass, but not plated through. You’ll have to
    pay extra attention to those lines that pass through the board.
    He’s selling them for about $10.