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RE: os9 kermit uploaded Re: Msg 18441

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RE: os9 kermit uploaded (Re: Msg 18441)

Kermit IS a terminal program. Though perhaps not the smartest
one. Pete Lyall uses it in combo with xcom9. Whne he wants to
to a file xfer, he uses xcom9 shell command processor to do it.

Yes, Kermit, even the os9 coco version can send and recieve
multiple files. The only probelm is that kermit09 does not
support meta characters. Thus a command line can look like:

OS9: kermit -sl /t2 file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 file6 …

One of the things I am working on in a version with wild card
support. I use kermit all the time between both my CoCo and
my Unix box and my CoCo and delphi. Feel free to ask any more

—Mark S.

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: os9 kermit uploaded (Re: Msg 18493)

    Ok Mark… You asked for more questions and more questions you’re gonna get.

    Let’s say I just connected to Delphi, popped into the database section and
    want to download some files. What would the command line look like to perform
    this miraculous feat? For example, let’s say that I use the Shell command
    from within my terminal program to download a file called ‘Kermit.bin’ from
    the system. Sounds like a reasonable filename, hehe.

    Next, do I have to use the -C option first to connect Kermit to the host r
    (or) is that for something else? The above should be the easiest as all I
    want to do is download one file, save it to disk, and then exit kermit.

    Another scenario… Let’s say I call up a Unix system and it has a bunch
    of stuff to send me. How do I tell Kermit to go into ‘remote’ mode,
    download all these files that the system has set up for me without me
    knowing prior just how many files or what their names are. I take it that
    this is possible with Kermit09?

    Lastly, is there a way for me to issue Kermit to go into host mode, upload
    gads of stuff to another system automatically and then exit quietly? Sure
    would be handy if it could. That way, a buddy could call up, login to the
    system to catch the lastest messages and software I’ve spun up via kermit
    in the host mode and he never even bothered me in the slightest except for
    the occassional spin on the harddisk.

    Sounds like reasonalbe questions if they are all possible. Just keep in
    mind that I’ve never used kermit before and am only faintly familiar with
    it by reading scant articles about it running on Unix where they use it
    to allow a remote system to call in, download latest revisions and then
    exit… That’s about all I know. I guess you could say I’ve heard rumors
    about it, hehe.

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: os9 kermit uploaded (Re: Msg 18518)

    !st senerio: Download a signle file from delphi. Call up delphi
    from your comm program. Goto the database section. On delphi,
    issue the kermit send file command, which I’m not sure what is.
    As sson as you do this issure a “kermit -rl /t2” command
    via your comm progs shell escape. The recived file name will be
    the file name on delphi, possibly adjusted to fit into os9
    conventions. Whne it is finished you are back into you comm
    prog and talking to delphi.

    2nd senario: upload a mess of files to delphi: Issue the
    command “kermit” from the work space. This will put delphi into
    “server” or remote controlled mode. Then issue a “kermit -sl /t2 file1
    file2 file3 file4 file5… filen” command, and sit back and watch. Whne it
    is done issure a “kermit -ql /t2” to send a “quit” command to the
    kermit on delphi. This is how I uploaded the 17files of the kermit
    manual to delphi. 17 files, over 220k sent with ONE command and no further
    work on my part. The files wre sent one after the other.

    3rd senario: Someone logging in getting the latest, and getting off.
    Possible, but not easy. Though kermit09 DOES have a server mode,
    it is a VERY limited one compared to the unix and VAX verions. It
    only lets yuou send and recieve files and quit. If it was always
    the same file name, or the caller knew in advance what the files
    would be, then it could be done reasonably automatically. Otherwise
    they’re gonna need some shell acess just to know the names of the
    files to download.

    Hope this helps. Keep them questions comi

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