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RE: os-9 & disks Re: Msg 19389

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RE: os-9 & disks (Re: Msg 19389)

Seems that the only real difference is that you got frustrated by trying to
run OS-9 off one drive and I went out and purchased two 80 track DSQD drives
and then finally a hard disk. You’ll find OS-9 much easier off of double-sided
drives but you must watch out for one very critical point:

You CANNOT boot off of a double sided drive UNLESS you run some type of program
such as bootfix on that drive.

Very typical of situations would be you finally got the 40 track DSDD patches
in and you now want to create a fully capable boot disk with all of your
CMDS and etc. directories on it. What you would do is usually as follows:

OS9:format /D0 R “OS-9 System Master”

OS9:cobbler /D0

OS9:bootfix /D0; * VERY IMPORTANT

If you fail to do that last step you will find yourself with a bootdisk that
will not boot. Worse yet, if you have already copied all of your files over
to this disk you must now start all over again from scratch. This is the only
pitfall you may run into. It happened to me until I figured it out by reading
the documentation, hehe.

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