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I consider Basic09 to be one of the few “usable” Basic’s around.
But then again, when you’re hooked on structured languages, you’re
HOOKED. My biggest gripe with most Basic’s is that you can’t express
yourself with it and the listing look like junk… But with Basic09
you can actually “flow” through a program like water flows through a

I’m using some “tricks” with my terminal program to save space,
mainly memory… Yeah, even for Level II. I’m gonna keep the kermit,
and xmodem file transfer stuff in a separate program so that if you
want to download via xmodem, it
‘ll load and execute “xmodem” with the proper parameters and if
you then change your mind after performing an xmodem transfer and
use kermit instead, it’ll unlink xmodem and replace it with
“kermit”. Of course, under Level II I plan on having them both
loaded and linked in memory for even faster execution. The way I
figure it is, under Level II, each file transfer utility can be
allocated up to about 56k, so without the mainline terminal program
in the way you can download direct to disk using a much larger buffer.
If you look at it like the terminal itself is 13k, xmodem is 13k, and
kermit is 13k then that’s 39k with only roughly 21k left for the variables
and buffers. But, with each a separate utility you can have roughly 43k
for the variables and buffers for each. And then again, under Level I
how can you do anything with the full code being 39k? I don’t know
many people running Level I on the CoCo with 39k, and I only have 41k
myself with a STRIPPED boot file.

You’ll love it once you get running at 1200 baud, especially when
you don’t have to pay more for it on Delphi! Boy, I just wish I had a
2400 baud capable Telenet down here! Yeah Marty, I know, I know, 2400
may not be much faster with xmodem but still, it IS faster, especially
with BIG uploads. I just uploaded 2000 blocks to a local system here
in about 20 minutes compared to about 1 1/2 hours it would take at 300.

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