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RE: RS232 Re: Msg 20955

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RE: RS232 (Re: Msg 20955)


Beleive it or not I am now on my thir?Pak. Yeah,
yeah, they are supposed to be quite sturdy. I had just gotten COMM-4 when
I plugged the thing in along-side my RS-232 Pak and when I turned on the
CoCo I heard what sounded like World War III and sure enough that 4 port
serial card had wiped out my CoCo, MultiPak, Disk Controller, and RS232 Pak.
So I went out and bought a second. I had just bought a Smart Team 2400 baud
modem and while at work lightning struck… Nope, it didn’t come in on the
AC line, but rather on the telephone line. Wiped out my brand new modem and
another RS232 Pak. So, I bought a third and am using it now. Oh, fortunately
they honored the three year warrantee on the modem and sent me a brand
spanking new Prometheus 2400 as a replacement.

If you don’t follow this so far… The RS232 Pak is rugged, but it’s
still susceptible to breakage. If the CoCo works great without the
RS232 Pak and blows up with it then I’d hop out and buy a second one. One of
these days I’m gonna repair these other two RS232 Paks of mine. One transmits
and recieves at 300 but bombs out at higher baud rates. Sounds like a bad
crystal possibly as the MC6551 is good. The other one kills the DSR signal
coming from the modem.

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