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Trivia Operating System

19003 2DEC86-0154 Product Reviews & Announcement
Trivia Operating System

increase system security! reduce operator error! improve employee morale!

get new TOS: *** Trivia Operating System ***

With TOS, the new Trivia Operating System, no more boring console messages
like “Do you really want to format?” or “remove xqt.temp: are you sure?”
Instead, when you’re mounting the seventeenth reel of a twenty-reel job,
TOS will query:

Mount next reel, then answer the following question correctly to continue:
How many legs does a flea have?

TOS will really keep your operators on their toes. You’ll think twice before
beginning some procedure that might destroy your hard disk. And just think of
the fun you’ll have! No two questions alike! Now, put your thinking cap on!

Get new TOS! The basic system comes with questions for the Arts and
Entertainment, History, Literature and Quantum Mechanics categories. For an
additional fee, you can have the Baby Boomer or even the Computer Hacker

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  • pucc_unknown

    19019 2DEC86-0454 Product Reviews & Announcement
    RE: Trivia Operating System (Re: Msg 19003)

    Face it, Rick . . .

    . . . you have totally nerded out.

    TOS, indeed! You know, you’re the kind of guy who would fly over the
    and presume the SOS written in the snow was an ad from Microsoft.

    I’ll admit you have a magnetic personality, but I’m not sure it was tokenized
    right when it was saved to disk.

    — Jim