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coco3 graphics

39519 20MAR88-1713 CoCo 3 Graphics
coco3 graphics

Hello again Tras.
CocomaxIII finally arrived and is exactly what I needed . I can design
signs in front of my clients eyes and they are amazed. However the program
came with one very annoyimg bug. Every time it encounters a disk error (disk
full e.g.) it adds an ascii
11 to the front of the filename and if you save a file after the error it
offsets the rest of the directory by one byte. the files can still be recovered
but you have to manually(with zap prog) rewrite every byte by one from wherever
the offensive filenam
e fell in the file. This is a real pain if it occured in the first of 16 files.
have you heard of a patch. The people at Colorware have heard of the problem
but offer no solution as of yet.
bye Randy

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  • pucc_unknown

    39531 20MAR88-2233 CoCo 3 Graphics
    RE: coco3 graphics (Re: Msg 39519)
    From: TRAS To: RANDOMR

    Hmmmm. Sorry Randy but I really didnt know the problem existed.. Have
    made several hundred pics and I am sure that I have overloaded the disk
    but all that happens is the I get a disk error and I push the button
    and it is all set to go again. Will try it out to be sure… Do u
    have 40 track double sided drives.. If not, Maybe the problem only
    happens on the 35 tracks when it trys to write beyond the formated
    portion.. That would explain it… Will load a disk of pics to the
    limit and then try to add another and see what happens.
    Hehe, if i can find my wrench for the controller I will open it up
    and put RS DOS in and format for 35 tracks if it doesnt happen with
    Sorry about that but will let u know if it happens to me.