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RE: see message 40277 Re: Msg 40327

40340 18APR88-0715 Telecommunications
RE: see message 40277 (Re: Msg 40327)

might want to add , i just try to autoddial with a MULTITECH multimoddem at
1200 baud and sure enough 7×1 set up did not work , confirms my opinion that
the dial ut is just too fast .

as the business about hanging after some disk i.o , it’s interrupt related , i
am sure .

as the business about the disk directory overstuffing , it’s related to some
garbage characters being introduced , possibly related to 40 track drives .

have not had a chance to investigate the xx2 bug yet but i think it’s related
to a double used flaag . i’ll try to find the location and use a crosss
reference list . i sugggest KENdoes the same , i saw aa few subrrouttines with
only o
ne caller .

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