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RE: ultimaterm 4.0 Re: Msg 40525

40533 25APR88-2025 Telecommunications
RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40525)

DISTO makes good products, and their service is generally good. As you may
RAM prices have gone CRAZY in the last few months. DISTO probably can’t buy
the RAM chips for much less than $150 themselves! I agree that you shouldn’t
advertise something that you don’t have, but it is also true that Rainbow
ads are prepared a month or more before the publication date — hard to
predict what the market will be like even 30 days in advance lately. If
you pick up a Computer Shopper, you will see that very few companies even
ADVERTISE a RAM price — they all say “call”.

Dynamic RAM is like lobster now — it sells at market price, which varies
daily. DISTO and other companies would do well to put a price disclaimer
in their current ads. I know that you’re disappointed and feel that you
have been treated unfairly, but try to “walk a mile in their moccasins”
before you go ahead with your vendetta.

Chris Burke
Burke & Burke

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  • pucc_unknown

    40538 25APR88-2150 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40533)

    I had a friend of mine in my computer club order his chips five weeks after
    he just got his chips today at the $89 price. I don’t remember the name of the
    company he bought his from. They told him to hold on and wait. He waited an
    additional two weeks (a total of six weeks). I waited about eleven weeks.
    There is no excuse for
    that. I kept calling and was told everytime, just wait two more weeks. I was
    burned by DISTO, no member of my computer club will ever
    uy one of their products and neither will I. I have never seen such poor
    service and it is unexcusable. If they didn’t have the chips and couldn’t get
    them for the price they kept promising me they should have told me. I would
    have got my upgrade from R
    adio Shack and paid the extra money. There is just no excuse for making a
    customer wait eleven weeks and kept telling them just another two.

  • pucc_unknown

    40545 26APR88-0016 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40533)

    I agree with you to a point–but when Disto sent the customer a letter saying
    that they’d supply the upgrade for $10 more than originally advertised (and,
    like you, I’m certainly sympathetic to their being unable to meet the original
    price), it seems to m
    e that they were making a commitment to supply it at that price if the customer
    responded promptly with the requested $10.
    Of course, I know only one side of the story, and hope that Tony DiStefano
    (DISTO) will respond here publically. Like you, I’ve heard generally positive
    reports about Disto’s products and support in the past.
    Art Flexser (SpectroSystems)

  • pucc_unknown

    40557 26APR88-1915 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40538)

    Was it DISTO, or CRC computers? Well, anyway, Art Flexsers point is a good
    one — if they told you that you could have the chips for an extra $10, and
    you sent them the $10 right away, then they should have sent them to you.
    They would have lost money on the deal, probably, but they would also have
    a satisfied customer. Was that price $150 US, or $150 Canadian? But as
    Marty says, DISTO is a very reputable company. I’m sorry to hear that you
    had a bad experience with them (or was it CRC?). BTW, if it was CRC and
    not DISTO, please leave a note that says so — they are not quite the same
    company, after all.

  • pucc_unknown

    40637 28APR88-0955 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40538)

    Seems to me you over reacted to an admittedly aggravating
    situation. To decide that a whole club should stop ALL
    business with CRC because of this one incident seems like
    overkill, to say nothing of the ‘bite off your nose to spite
    your face’ consequences. While I agree that 11 weeks & still
    no upgrade is aggravating & even unacceptable, I hope you can
    at least UNDERSTAND that CRC was caught between a rock & a hard
    place…their customers & their suppliers.

    I think a calmer approach might still get you some satisfaction
    IF the facts are EXACTLY as you represented them. The letter
    promising delivery for an additional $10 should, I feel, be
    honored. Why don’t you sit down I write a NICE letter to CRC
    explaining the whole process & appeal to their integrity on
    that issue in particular. Perhaps Tony Di would be willing to
    go to bat for you; no harm in asking him. I suggest a letter
    because, based on your ‘typing’ here in the forum, a phone call
    might trigger knee-jerk responses that could lead to argument
    rather than reason.
    I suspect some naievity on CRC’s part early on in the chip
    price/supply problem. CRC was probably BELIEVING their
    suppliers re price & delivery & passing that on to their
    I could understand your response if you’d had a series of
    problems with CRC. Have you or other club members dealt with
    them in the past? My info. says that CRC/DISTO has been a
    long-term reliable co., supporting the CoCo community. One
    incident shouldn’t trash their reputation!

  • pucc_unknown

    40638 28APR88-1916 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40557)

    It was DISTO. I have recieved a full refund and I’m going to Radio Shack to
    get my upgrade tommorrow.

  • pucc_unknown

    40640 28APR88-1923 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40637)

    It was CRC, it was DISTO. I’m sure sure how anyone got the idea I was talking
    about CRC. I probably was being a little trigger knee-jerk responses. But in
    my defense. One member of our club ordered his chips from another (I don’t
    remember the name) fi
    ve weeks after I did and he got his chips two days ago. As for having our club
    not buy from DISTO. Since I recieved bad service, while another member
    recieved good service from another company, the advise to the club will have to
    be buy from the company
    with the better service.

  • pucc_unknown

    40645 28APR88-2154 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40640)

    You keep mentioning good service for a friend from “another company”.
    You’re among friends, who is this other company, so we all can know who
    was able to hoard some chips and sell them at the old price. I’d like
    to know. I just recently (8 weeks ago) tried to order this same upgrade
    and called several companies with no luck. Everyone was out of stock of the
    original price chips but could get new chips at the $10 apiece range.
    I finally just bought a Tandy upgrade at a reasonable price from Computer

    Zack Sessions

  • pucc_unknown

    40647 28APR88-2224 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40640)

    My point was that one bad experience does not necessarily indicate generally
    poor service. DISTO has a generally good reputation. Even the best can foul
    up now & then. I say give them a chance to make amends.
    If it was, as you say, Disto, leave a note HERE to DISTO. I’m SURE Tony will
    respond PERSONALLY. You can’t ask for more…or would you rather continue
    I’m willing to bet that that ‘other’ company you keep mentioning wouldn’t be
    able to sell an upgrade for $89 now. Like Zacks says, they were just fortunate
    to have a small inventory of chips.
    Actually, the free enterprise system would suggest that they were not very
    business-smart to supply the chips at a low price just because they had a small

  • pucc_unknown

    40656 28APR88-2348 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40638)

    We’ll ALL here be VERY VERY interested in your report of WHETHER
    (and how long it takes them) Radio Shack will deliver that
    512K upgrade… and what price they finally charge.


  • pucc_unknown

    40697 30APR88-2105 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40645)

    I believe it was MicroTech. He ended up paying $120. He only waited just
    under five weeks total. He had to send in a check for $30 more. I could have
    lived with that if I would have gotten the chips that quickly. He did say they
    were a middle man thou
    gh. I’ve put in my two cents (it seems worth 1/2 cent).

  • pucc_unknown

    40698 30APR88-2106 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40647)

    I’m though grumping. The other company was MicroTech and it ended up costing
    $120. It did take under five weeks for delievery and they was after they asked
    him for the other $30.

  • pucc_unknown

    40699 30APR88-2108 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40656)

    I ordered two days ago as soon as I got my refund back from DISTO (they were
    very quick in returning my money). I was quoted $140. As soon as it’s
    installed I’ll let you know. I’m finished complaining, most think I’m wrong, I
    , but the issue is past.

  • pucc_unknown

    40748 2MAY88-0420 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40697)

    NO ONE right now can sell you 41256-12 DRAMs for under $10 each
    (=$160 for the set of chips alone) unless they
    bought them cheap months ago, and willfully wish to
    virtually give them away at a fraction of current market price.

    Tandy may well have a stash of chips they bought at low price..
    or have a company still filling a contract to supply chips
    at some low price. That could explain the reports
    of their having an unusually LOW price on their upgrade
    by todays chip price standards.


  • pucc_unknown

    40749 2MAY88-0425 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40699)

    You were MOSTLY wrong, in my opinion. At best, Disto made an unfortunate
    error when they promised you the board for a mere $10 extra, then
    found themselves unable to deliver. However, they ultimately
    did the honorable (and legal) thing by returning your money
    when the finally were confronted with being utterly unable
    to deliver the merchandice at the price they had stated.
    How can you bear them all that much ill will given that fact??

    I’ve done a LOT of mail order dealing… both as buyer and seller.
    Dealing with New York photo houses, I’ve encountered situations
    where they held my money for up to six months (quite illegal)
    before finally admitting they could not get me what they
    had ALLEDGED they had in stock. All the while they collected
    interest on that money. In THAT case it was CLEAR to me
    that company had repeatedly LIED to me and had acted
    in genuine BAD FAITH. I did get my money back in the end,
    but only after dozens of long distance calls, threatening letters,
    and calls from my parents who happenned to LIVE in New York,
    and who finally threatened to start legal proceedings agains
    the mail order house IN New York.

    Your unfortunate experience with Disto was hardly of that sort!


  • pucc_unknown

    40798 3MAY88-2041 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40748)

    Eleven weeks is a long time, especially after sending an additional check for
    $10 more after recieving a letter six weeks later. I was corrected by DISTO,
    it was CRC. If you look on page 177 of the May issue of Rainbow you can see
    how I blamed DISTO inco
    rrectly. They have DISTO’s name plastered everywhere in the advertisement.
    Only in the bottom left hand corner is their name.

    I publicly apoligize to DISTO for blaming them. The actual company was CRC. I
    was mislead by the advertisments that it was DISTO. It was a DISTO product I
    was buying (but I was not buying directly from DIST).

  • pucc_unknown

    40800 3MAY88-2046 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40749)

    Still eleven weeks is a long time, especially after sending in the extra money.
    It turns out the company was CRC, the product was DISTO. I had this pointed
    out to me by DISTO. I have learned something though:
    1) An eleven week wait is acceptable.
    2) It is acceptable to send in extra money only to be told it cost more.
    3) I shouldn’t complain when I feel I have had problems from a mail order

    I will avoid using this forum in the future to ever complain about service I
    feel was poor. I’ll be shot to pieces. I’ll stick to only asking questions
    about the coco, if they’ll ever be answered after apparently befriended everyone
    who uses this board.

  • pucc_unknown

    40807 3MAY88-2225 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40800)

    Moby (or whatever your name is),

    Relax, heck, if you’ll think for a second you’ll discover
    that a “forum” is most certainly a place to air
    your gripes and you have every right to do so.
    I’m glad you spoke up. We need more like you.
    You had your facts a little out of kilter
    but that happens to everybody now and then.
    Don’t worry about it. You were man enough to apologise
    and, in my book, that counts for a lot.

    Don’t let the flak you’ve taken recently get to you.
    You deserved it . Chin up!

    Now, move on to the next step and have some fun with your
    machine. After all, isn’t that what it’s for?


  • pucc_unknown

    40818 4MAY88-0036 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40800)

    First you over-reacted to an admittedly unpleasant experience
    with a normally-reputable company (CRC); then you over-react to
    some ‘friendly’ criticism from your fellow CoCo enthusiasts.
    CHILL OUT!! I too would have been upset at an 11-week wait &
    especially at the extra $10 request that was not honored. I
    think you triggered the mass ‘jump-on-MOBYISAFISH’ response
    because of your advice to your club to ‘NEVER do business with
    DISTO’. We were just trying to defend the reputation of some
    people who had EARNED generally-good reputations over several
    years of doing business. Did you notice that your complaint
    did NOT trigger others to say ‘oh yeah, I had trouble with them
    too’. That’s probably because yours was evidently an UNUSUAL
    I still feel that CRC SHOULD have honored their commitment
    once you sent the extra $10 AT THEIR REQUEST.
    PLEASE DO note your complaints on the Forum in the future. If
    SEVERAL people voice similar complaints, then the whole
    community is warned. I’m SURE none of the Forum members MEANT
    to come across harshly. I know I didn’t. Please accept my
    apology if I came across that way. (I was one of the first to

  • pucc_unknown

    40825 4MAY88-0221 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40800)

    I heartily second the EXCELLENT replies made to you by MIKEWARD and RHP.
    You are CORDIALLY invited to continue to make complaints here.
    This IS the place to do that sort of thing… just as it is
    the place where folks may repsond to your complaints.

    Note that in this case, not only did you get a HOST of
    replies from various members, but you got a DIRECT repsonse
    FROM Tony Di Stifano of Disto. We didn’t entierly agree with your
    conclusion that CRC was a bad company and shoul be boycotted,
    but most of us DID agree that you had had an unpleasant experience
    and had a right to be upset. We just tended to feel you were
    angry with the WRONG party.


  • pucc_unknown

    40837 4MAY88-2329 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40807)

    Thanks for the support there. I am a type ‘A’ personality though. I’ll try to
    relax, but your not the first to suggest it.

  • pucc_unknown

    40838 4MAY88-2331 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40818)

    Thanks, I did come on a little harsh. That is my personality though. Maybe if
    I ever have another complaint I’ll count ten days and then air it.

  • pucc_unknown

    40840 4MAY88-2334 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40825)

    Response understood. I’ll let everyone know when I finally do get my 512k.
    I’m sitting here with Multi-Vue and can’t really use it until I get my 512k.
    I’ve had it for three months now and it is a little useless without the memory

  • pucc_unknown

    41036 10MAY88-2056 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40837)

    it’s ok , the’re just worried you’re going to give MArty competition in that
    area .