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RE: ultimaterm 4.0 Re: Msg 40525

40533 25APR88-2025 Telecommunications
RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40525)

DISTO makes good products, and their service is generally good. As you may
RAM prices have gone CRAZY in the last few months. DISTO probably can’t buy
the RAM chips for much less than $150 themselves! I agree that you shouldn’t
advertise something that you don’t have, but it is also true that Rainbow
ads are prepared a month or more before the publication date — hard to
predict what the market will be like even 30 days in advance lately. If
you pick up a Computer Shopper, you will see that very few companies even
ADVERTISE a RAM price — they all say “call”.

Dynamic RAM is like lobster now — it sells at market price, which varies
daily. DISTO and other companies would do well to put a price disclaimer
in their current ads. I know that you’re disappointed and feel that you
have been treated unfairly, but try to “walk a mile in their moccasins”
before you go ahead with your vendetta.

Chris Burke
Burke & Burke

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40533)

    I had a friend of mine in my computer club order his chips five weeks after
    he just got his chips today at the $89 price. I don’t remember the name of the
    company he bought his from. They told him to hold on and wait. He waited an
    additional two weeks (a total of six weeks). I waited about eleven weeks.
    There is no excuse for
    that. I kept calling and was told everytime, just wait two more weeks. I was
    burned by DISTO, no member of my computer club will ever
    uy one of their products and neither will I. I have never seen such poor
    service and it is unexcusable. If they didn’t have the chips and couldn’t get
    them for the price they kept promising me they should have told me. I would
    have got my upgrade from R
    adio Shack and paid the extra money. There is just no excuse for making a
    customer wait eleven weeks and kept telling them just another two.

  • pucc_unknown

    40545 26APR88-0016 Telecommunications
    RE: ultimaterm 4.0 (Re: Msg 40533)

    I agree with you to a point–but when Disto sent the customer a letter saying
    that they’d supply the upgrade for $10 more than originally advertised (and,
    like you, I’m certainly sympathetic to their being unable to meet the original
    price), it seems to m
    e that they were making a commitment to supply it at that price if the customer
    responded promptly with the requested $10.
    Of course, I know only one side of the story, and hope that Tony DiStefano
    (DISTO) will respond here publically. Like you, I’ve heard generally positive
    reports about Disto’s products and support in the past.
    Art Flexser (SpectroSystems)