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Single Sided Full Height Drives for sale

40659 29APR88-0024 Hardware Hacking
Single Sided Full Height Drives for sale

A local warehouse has Tandon TM 100-1A model full height
single sided disk drives in what appear to be excellent
to new condition for sale. I tested a few with an allignment
program and they all seemed in excellent condition. There
are few signs of ware. These drives are 40 track, 6 ms
step rate capable, and should make an excellent
replacement drive for someone whose old drive is beginning
to age.

Note these are BARE drives… without case or power supply.

Note also that the Tandon drive tends to be reliable
and rugged, as old technology full height drives go,
tho a tad tricky to allign when allignment is needed.

These drives also tend to be a bit power hungry, with
power consumption in the worst case situation getting
as high as 1.5 amps or more on the 12 volt line. (Worst
Case is when the drive is spinning AND the head is being
rapidly stepped back and forth. Thus, if your old
drive was in a case with a marginal power supply, it might
turn out that the power supply in your old case is not
beefy enough to power these drives.

On the positive side, the Tandon TM100-1A was the exact make
and model of the first two drives I ever owned and used on a CoCo…
and those performed reliably and ruggedly for YEARS.

The place that has them DOES NOT do mail order business
on this item. I will be willing to act as middleman
and test the drive and ship it to you after testing.

I want $30 for the drive, shipping INCLUDED in that price,
and you have up to a week to decide whether or not you
want to keep it, during which you can elect to ship it
back to me for a refund of all except my shipping costs.

There are about eight of them available.

Feel free to respond to this offer in MAIL.

Yes… I’m paying considerably less for the drive
when I buy it… but my service of fully testing the drive
out with a sophisticated allignment program is, in my opinion,
WELL worth the premium I am asking. Of course, that is
up to YOU to decide. Basically, I wanted to offer a FAVOR…
a SERVICE… to SIG members of making available a few
inexpensive replacement drives for RS DOS single sided
drive users.


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