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Tandy announces PS/2 compatible and new

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Tandy announces PS/2 compatible and new

Rainbow Editor and Publisher

NEW YORK CITY — Tandy Corporation introduced a new computer today, the 5000
MC, a
80386-based MS-DOS machine compatible with IBM’s Micro Channel
Architecture that will run the OS/2 operating system.

Tandy also announced a number of options for the new 5000,
including ultra-high density hard disk drives, VGA on the
motherboard and all running at 20 MHz. The system, chairman John
Roach said, will not violate any copyrights or licenses of other
computer manufacturers “that we are aware of.” The implication
was that Tandy and IBM had agreed on licensing fees for the Tandy

The 5000 will retail for $4999 in its base configuration with a
version with an 84 megabyte hard drive available for $6999.
Numerous other configurations will be available — including
those with hard drives with capacities up to 344 megabytes.

Tandy also announced it has invented a new read and write Compact
Disc technology. The technology, called THOR, will allow CDs to
be recorded in the home or office.

The THOR technology — which may be available commercially in as
little as 18 months — has vast implications in the computer,
audio and video fields. THOR is technically compatible with
present CD formats, meaning it can — once available — be played
in present Compact Disc players. (Other WORM systems require a
special player to read their discs.)

Roach said he expects sales from the new technology to increase
Tandy profits by “hundreds of millions” of dollars.

Insofar as computers are concerned, Roach said the read/write
speeds from the new media should be at least as fast as from
present floppy or hard disks.

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Tandy announces PS/2 compatible and (Re: Msg 40417)

    Nothing for the CoCo though…. (sigh)

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Tandy announces PS/2 compatible and (Re: Msg 40499)

    It is my understanding that the CoCo will be removed from
    the 1989 Tandy COMPUTER catalog, and no longer be supported
    at Tandy COMPUTER CENTERS. It will appear in the 1989
    general Radio Shack catalog, and will still be sold at
    Radio Shack stores (not Computer Centers). —marty