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Vterm Software Font

41345 26MAY88-0517 Telecommunications
Vterm Software Font

am just curious… I’m about to do some poking around
in Vterm to find the location of your software font,
with an eye to putting in a different one of my own
design. (possibly an IBM CGA font, and possibly a
font largely stolen from a Model 3 character generator…
both standard 8 by 8 matrix fonts). Is there anything you
can tell me… anything I need be warned about…
regarding your mapping of the characters, the number of
characters supported, or the like??

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Note that the font you have already is MUCH MUCH
better than that of the GIME chip. I just
wanted to customize it a little more by using
fonts I have a slight personal preferance for.


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  • pucc_unknown

    41496 31MAY88-0442 Telecommunications
    RE: Vterm Software Font (Re: Msg 41345)

    A couple of people have mentioned trying to customize the fonts.
    The only caveat is that I’m using a somewhat unusual storage format.
    Each character is 8 bits wide by 8 lines, and is stored in 16 bytes.
    Only the lower nybble of each byte is used. This goes through a table
    conversion to generate the 4-color image for either single- or double-width
    characters. So if you already have the character set in some other format,
    you’ll need to convert it.

    I don’t have a printed listing for ver. 2.0, but in ver. 1.0, the
    character table starts at $19ED, and the start of the program is
    at $1300. You’ll probably have to change it directly in the disk file,
    too, since I’m using a slight variation of LOADM format to store the
    program. If you know the LOADM format, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

    The first character in the table is a blank, which is 16 $00’s, then
    comes ‘!’, which starts out $01, $08, $01, $08, etc.

    If you need more help, just ask!

    – Tim Koonce

    P.S. Thanks for the ADOS-3 EPROM, it’s working great!