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40723 1MAY88-1900 CoCo 3 Graphics

Harbie, I would like to know if it is possible to transfer B&W DS69B pics with
your XL256 program without adding color. I would like the transferred pics to
be in B&W so that I can color them using CoCoMax III. I have a RGB monitor if
it makes a difference.
Thanks in advance
=> Bernie < =

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  • pucc_unknown

    40770 2MAY88-2130 CoCo 3 Graphics
    RE: XL256 (Re: Msg 40723)

    problem is , you’d loose some of the resolution . see , with a 64 colors
    palette , there is in terms of monochrome , only black , white and 2 shades of
    grey (i hope else peoples will be hitting me with the correction ) . whatever
    the correct
    # , there is no way to transfer all the shades of grey into a 320 pixel wide
    screen .

    ERIKGAV ‘cheated’ a little by using 640 pixel and using 2 pixel of different
    grey color to create shades .

    best that could be done would be to set cocomax or colormax palette so that
    there are only 4 colors used , 4 palette slot in a row being of the same color .