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Mine Rescue

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Mine Rescue


I finally COMPLETED all five levels of Mine Rescue in “expert” mode.
I was delighted to discover that, like some other games of yours, and
UNLIKE so many other games, there was a definite END (player wins) POINT
to the game. I completed with my LAST miner (I got killed with my
second to last miner just after rescuing the last victim at level five,
and had one player left to step out of then back in to the
main mine shack to complete the level. My final score was roughly
640,000 (give or take a few points here and there).

Note I made no mods to your original game… (other than my crack
of it, of course).

Congratulations on an excellent piece of work.


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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Mine Rescue (Re: Msg 42167)
    From: 6809ER To: MARTYGOODMAN

    Well, thank you for nice words about Mine Rescue. With you beening a non-game
    player yourself, that must have been a lot of work to get that far. (how many
    weeks did you play before you rescued the last miner, grin.) Now comes the fun
    part, playing the game to get the highest points. My highest is about 2,500,00

    Have fun!


  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Mine Rescue (Re: Msg 42171)
    From: MARTYGOODMAN To: 6809ER

    Naturally, I was NOT playing for points when I finished that game that
    time… ONLY to reach the end. I also found that a two button
    joystick is almost ESSENTIAL for axing the bat! In fact, it was
    Mine Rescue that prompted me to MODIFY one of my old Graphicom
    joystics so that the second button on the GC joystic was
    sent to the middle pin, matching the current CoCo 3 joystick standard.
    NOW I can ax that darn bat whenever I want!

    Two and a half million points, eh? Well… when I get some TIME,
    I may try to beat that!