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80 Track Drives

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80 Track Drives

Does anyone have a program that copies files from 35 and 40 track drives to
3.5 inch 720K drives?? I am using Hyper I/O under basic. If one is available
please upload it to the database.


James Farmer (Modemmaster)

6 comments to 80 Track Drives

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: 80 Track Drives (Re: Msg 42514)
    From: 6809ER To: MODEMMASTER

    You will have to copy the disk file by file in order to copy a 35/40 track
    disk to a 80 track disk. This can be done by any file copy program in the
    UT database that was writen in basic.


  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: 80 Track Drives (Re: Msg 42529)
    From: MODEMMASTER To: 6809ER

    thanks i new that all ready i was hopping there was a ml program that could
    help me basic is to slow!