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Disk Controllers

43434 30JUL88-1256 HELP
Disk Controllers

I want to make an eprom of Hyper I/O and RSDOS, but, I have the old grey
controllers and is connected to an RS floppy drive #26-3022.
In order to get an eprom of Hyper i/o I need an RSDOS chip that has 28 pins.
The controller I use now has the smaller chip.
The question I have is: If I were to buy the newer 28 pin tandy disk controller
would it be compatible with my current disk drive?
Thanks———->Mike Schneider

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Disk Controllers (Re: Msg 43434)

    YES… ALL make and model disk controllers will work with ALL
    5 1/4 in and 3 1/2 drives of the 250K byte data transfer rate variety.
    (this excludes the 1.2 meg and 1.4 meg AT style drives).

    So yes… a newer 28 pin Tandy disk controller card that accepts
    28 pin ROMs will work fine with older drives.

    BUT… HDS and J&M systems offer perfectly good dis
    controllers for LESS money than a Tandy one would cost.
    I suggest you consider them. DIST makes a good controller
    too… tho it offers more features, so costs a bit more too.


  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: Disk Controllers (Re: Msg 43434)

    Also… if you know what you are doing… you can convert a 24 pin
    socket controller to a 28 pin socket controller (referring to the
    ROM socket). There have been Rainbow articles about this..
    it is quite trivial electrically, tho mechanically it can
    be a bit tricky.

    Art Flexser (Spectrosystems) may still SELL an adaptor
    that makes the conversion easily.