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old switcheroo questions

43303 24JUL88-2241 Hardware Hacking
old switcheroo questions


I have finished the hardware project, The Old Switcheroo II. I
now have 2 apparently unrelated problems. The first is with the
switch box it self. When I plug two devices in the Joystick
jacks, and the switch’s plug into the CoCo, the keyboard is
locked on power up. Unplugging the switchbox’s plug fixes the
situation. Any ideas?

Also can a hires interface go bad? Mine apparently has. None of
the software I have which uses won’t work anymore. With
Colormax Deluxe, the pointer arrow stays in the upper left
corner of the screen. With Home Publisher, the arrow will move
only up and down along the extreme left side of the screen.
Other software which uses the joystick or mouse without the
hires interface still function OK. Again, any ideas?


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  • pucc_unknown

    43309 25JUL88-0204 Hardware Hacking
    RE: old switcheroo questions (Re: Msg 43303)

    (1) A keyboard lockup on plugging in the joystick plug
    usually means one or both joystick button lines are
    shorted to ground. Check for this!!

    (2) I suppose it IS possible for a Hi Res interface to go bad
    in the maner you describe. The obvious test would
    be to try another Hi Res interface out… I assume the problem
    you describe occurrs even when you are not using your switcher box?