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RE: TERM programs for CoCo 3 Re: Msg 43393

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RE: TERM programs for CoCo 3 (Re: Msg 43393)

What IS CIS B+?? I’ve heard of CIS B, but never B+. Is that the
so-called “Quick B” protocol? If so, I suspect it will be a while
before anyone implements it for the CoCo. The “Quick B” is a sliding
window protocol, and, as such, REQUIRES no-halt disk access. So
anyone who does implement it will either have to assume a no-halt
disk controller, or only allow such downloads to memory. Also,
since CIS-B is so very specific (only supported on CompuServe),
not many authors bother to support it. There are a lot of other protocols
which are more widely used. (Perhaps you should start a campaign
on CompuServe to get them to support YModem!)

– Tim Koonce

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