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Sony KV-1311CR

42955 15JUL88-1103 General Information
Sony KV-1311CR

Hi Marty. I meant to send this in here instead of in the Mail section. I recent-
ly received a Sony KV-1311CR and I still get the machine language programs in
black and white, games, ect. I’m probably either doing something that is just
plain simple(wrong), or not doing something at all. Any help or advice (please
go easy on me, I know you’ve probably answered questions like this before). I
also would like to that the owner of Howard Medical, where I purchased the
monitor, and Dave, for being very patient with me in helping me to get the thing
up and running, (pressing the two buttons on the front at the same time). Dave
and I had a very nice chat on the phone, and despite wet coffee beans and a
lousy goverment, you still have a couple of fans out here!!

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  • pucc_unknown

    42957 15JUL88-1549 General Information
    RE: Sony KV-1311CR (Re: Msg 42955)

    The folks at Howard Medical are indeed nice people.

    As for color on the KV1311CR…

    It SEEMS like you are asking about getting color in
    the “PMODE 4 artifact color” mode of the computer? No?

    RGB will not under any circumstances render such colors…
    you’ll see a black and white screen with vertical lines
    or patterns. You need to use composite video to see artifact
    colors. Thus, you must hook the composite video jack
    on the Sony to the composite video output jack on the CoCo.

    Now, the Sony is such a high resolution TV that it
    does not do artifacting all that well. Artifact
    colors on the Sony tend to be more pale, in my experience,
    than with other, sloppier, lower res monitors.
    But, at least MY Sony KV1311CR does show artifact colors
    to some reasonable extent.

    Note, too, that you must use the front panel
    to SWITCH between RGB and Composite video inputs.

    Does this help???

    If you need to ask more, it would help me to help you
    if you explained in rather more detail what sort of
    set up you have… how (with what cables going to where)
    you attached the monitor to the computer, and what switches
    on the monitor (if any) you used to try to switch between
    RGB and composite video. AND, it would help a lot if you
    would be very specific in describing the programs that
    “don’t show colors”. Your original note was rather vague,
    and I had to make a number of guesses about what was going
    on when I wrote this reply.


  • pucc_unknown

    42960 15JUL88-1901 General Information
    RE: Sony KV-1311CR (Re: Msg 42957)

    Hello again Marty. Thanks for your quick reply. Your information plus a little
    noodle scratching did the trick. All I had to do was add another cable between
    the CoCo (vidio output) and the vidio input on the monitor and depress just the
    video (notice the difference in spelling) button on the front of the monitor,
    and I was in business. Now I do get the PMODE4 artifact colors. Thanks once
    again for your help-in more ways than one, for I read your column every month.