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Using the Delphi Editor

43096 19JUL88-1817 General Information
Using the Delphi Editor

Delphi is a VAX based system, therefore when you do an add/edit
or reply/edit in the Forum or a send/edit or reply/edit in mail,
you are invoking the VAX/VMS Editor known as EDT. However it
seems as if it only supports “line mode” of the editor. The
real power of EDT is it’s “screen mode” of operation. I am
using V-Term which supports VT100 emulation and when I call the
VAX8300 at my office, EDT works just fine in “screen mode”.
When I try to go to screen mode on Delphi, the screen gets
screwed up. Is there some setting somewhere which will enable me
to use “screen mode” with EDT on Delphi?

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  • pucc_unknown

    43097 19JUL88-1900 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43096)

    Have you tried /TERM_TYPE VT100? (And /SAVE, if it works.)

    I’ve never operated with VT100′s, so I’m sorta guessing…


    P.S. Just enter /HELP FULL to see a listing of all your current settings.

  • pucc_unknown

    43125 20JUL88-1900 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43096)
    From: COCOXT To: ZACKS

    Use /TERM_TYPE VT100 (or whatever the actual syntax is). Then when EDT
    comes up, enter the ‘c’ command to go to full screen mode. If your screen
    is still screwed up, maybe the width of your line is not set to 80 characters
    or you are operating half-duplex. I just had it working full-screen the
    other day, so I know it can be done.

  • pucc_unknown

    43105 19JUL88-2034 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43097)

    Sorry, Don, that didn’t help. /term_type was already set at vt100.

  • pucc_unknown

    43111 19JUL88-2303 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43105)

    OK, lemme ask around and I’ll letcha know what I find out, OK? Thanks
    for telling me that /TERM_TYPE VT100 doesn’t quite do it!


  • pucc_unknown

    43116 20JUL88-0302 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43105)

    Oddly enough, I’ve found cases where Vterm’s VT100 emulator
    at this time whether a “genuine” VT100 emulator would work.
    I really should break out PROCOMM and see if ITS VT100 emulator
    does any better.


  • pucc_unknown

    43123 20JUL88-1819 General Information
    RE: Using the Delphi Editor (Re: Msg 43116)

    I have only used V-Term or Ultimaterm on my CoCo 3. Usually
    it’s the V-Term I use. It’s much more powerful and easy to
    use than Ultimaterm, plus I have read war stories concerning
    that product. At work I have used Crosstalk, Vterm (a different
    product, written by someone else), and Linkware Contact on IBM
    clones of which I would call all “genuine” VT100 emulators.
    I normally use a Falco VT220 lookalike terminal.

    Of the two CoCo products, the V-term is the only one which I would
    class as “genuine”. Of course, each product (including the MS-DOS
    ones) fails to fully implement the total functionality of a
    physical VT100 dumb terminal. They all have discontiguous areas
    of features support. I like v-term on the CoCo. I can do anything
    I can do at work with my CoCo at home! It fully supports the
    VMS EDT editor plus the FMS editor and SMG support all because
    it emulates the VT100 very well. There are a few things it doesn’t
    support as I said like double height characters and a few other
    things you really can do without.