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43959 10AUG88-0353 CoCo 3 Graphics

Doug, I know of no way to un-convert the CM3 pix to 16-level
format, and if there were such a way to do it, it would be a waste of
time as all the high resolution of the 16-level original was lost when
it was originally converted. Also, the ONLY decent print print
routine I know of for the 16-level pix is contained in Micro Works’
digitizer software, C-SEE 3.3. Which reminds me, we should all start
a letter-writing campaign to The Micro Works, urging them to release a
viewer to the public. I have spoken to them a couple of times about
it and they are “considering” releasing the digitizer software only
for a small charge. I think if enough folks said WE WANT TO LOOK AT
YOUR PICTURES(!), they might hurry things up and make a definite

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