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RE: Ultimaterm again!!!? Re: Msg 44133

44150 14AUG88-1540 Telecommunications
RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44133)

Uterm’s Y modem is flawed because it turns the drive on and off
for each block, absurdly slowing down the transfer. It should
either buffer the download and write it to disk only
every 5 or 10 or 20K (the way many intelligently designed
on the IBM PC do it) or keep the drive motor running during the
entire file transfer. The problem is one of inexpert design,
and clearly is not the fault of a damaged copy.

I’ve not actually coded for the vertical scroll register… othrs
here might have more experience… but I believe your understanding
of it is correct… it scrolls the area used for video memory
by 8 bytes at a time. As you know, where the video display
looks for its data and where the 6809 looks are controlled
separately, being two separate functions carried out alternately
by the GIME.


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  • pucc_unknown

    44156 14AUG88-1622 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44150)

    Okay..thanks..I thought that might be the problem with ymodem, but wasnt

  • pucc_unknown

    44159 14AUG88-1716 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44150)

    The file ULTIMATERM PATCHES in the ULTIMATERM 4.0 group will patch the direct
    to disk transfer to leave the drive motor on. Certainly this should be part of
    the program and not part of a patch file. I bring this up mainly to encourage
    those who use Uterm to d/load the patch file. It is essential for those with
    other than RS roms (ADOS) for example, however even if people have a standard
    RS rom I would still recommend the patch program be used.


  • pucc_unknown

    44172 14AUG88-2143 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44150)

    If you use Ymodem with ultimaterm it does put the data into the buffer.
    With all transfer protocols in Uterm the user has the choice of direct disk of
    buffer saves. There is a patch in the database that fixes the motor problem on
    disk transfers.
    Later———>Mike Schneider

  • pucc_unknown

    44192 15AUG88-1732 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44172)

    Thanks… we are acting to end the confusion
    regarding patched and unpatched versions…
    by arranging to have here “pre patched” Uterm versions.


  • pucc_unknown

    44184 15AUG88-1658 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44156)

    I am told tht the problem Don, Roger, and I have referred to
    in Uterm’s Y modem implimentation of turning the drives on and off
    for each block is fixed by the latest set of patches
    for Uterm. To make life easier for our members,
    The “Ultimaterm Crowd” here has agreed to upload
    “pre patched” versions of Uterm 4.0 (either under that name,
    or under some similar name like Uterm 4.0A or Uterm 4.1
    or whatever). I expect in a day or so to have here
    Uterm versions with (alledgedly) the Y modem drive on / off
    bug fixed, and a version patched for use with ADOS (tho
    apparantly NOT useable with RS DOS).

    Stay tuned.


  • pucc_unknown

    44187 15AUG88-1705 Telecommunications
    RE: Ultimaterm (again!!!?) (Re: Msg 44159)

    I expect to have up here in the next day or so TWO versions of Uterm.
    One for RS DOS (1.0 or 1.1) and one for ADOS. Both fully
    patched to fix the “Y modem drive on / off bug”.

    Hopeufully this will clear up some of the problems.

    Eventuallky it would be NICE if Uterm versions were designed
    to work equally well with ADOS and RS DOS so two separate versions
    are not needed, but tht is for the future.

    Your suggestion (that the Y modem patch be PART of the program,
    not something that has to be added later) was EXACTLY the suggestion
    I made when chatting with Tom and Brian.

    Hopefully shortly it will be put into effect.