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blown chip?

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blown chip?

I have a problem similar to the one in the July 89 issue of Rainbow on page
124. When I turn on my CoCo 3, all I get is a blank 32 column green screen. The
3 guys won’t come up. The computer just has a blank screen. The computer is a
1986 model (with old G
IME) Should I spend $50 on a tester to see where the problem is, just replace
the 68BO9E chip, or just buy a new CoCo 3? Also, I am not the greatest hardware
tinkerer in the world. (Depending on what’s is my best way, could you tell me
what I need/hot to d
ow to do it?) Thanks…

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: blown chip? (Re: Msg 52856)

    When you turn on your Coco 3, you should get the green screen with 4 lines of
    sign-on message at the top. To see the three guys, press ALT and CTRL together
    and hold them down while turning the machine on.

  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: blown chip? (Re: Msg 52856)

    Open your coco and try tapping on the GIME chip. A lot of these get
    grungy contacts aftera while, and I’ve seen two lately that this fixed.
    I then sent the owners home to take out their GIME and clean the contacts
    well. – kevin