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Cross assembler.

52780 8AUG89-2059 Hardware Hacking
Cross assembler.
From: NES To: ALL

Dose anboby know of a crossassembler for the color computer. To write
Z80 or Z8 microcomputer or any other micro code ?
I would like to write assembly programs on my cother types of cpu
besides the 6809E.
Norman Eric Stringer

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  • pucc_unknown

    52791 9AUG89-0021 Hardware Hacking
    RE: Cross assembler. (Re: Msg 52780)
    From: 6809ER To: NES

    If there are any crossasembler for the Color Computer they would be found
    under OS-9. You may what to ask about this over on the OS-9 sig.


  • pucc_unknown

    52799 9AUG89-0601 Hardware Hacking
    RE: Cross assembler. (Re: Msg 52780)

    I helped port a BASIC based DISASSEMBLER for an 8085 over
    to the Coco a while ago. Assemblers are a bit harder to write,
    tho not all THAT hard… especially for such relatively
    simple processors as the Z80.

    You could likely do one (albeit a slow one without lots
    of features, like macros and conditional assembly)
    even in BASIC.