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RE: AUTOTERM Re: Msg 52111

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RE: AUTOTERM (Re: Msg 52111)


Yes Autoterm is copyprotected but I received two copies of the program
(what about you?).
I have yet to have any trouble
downloading anything with this program
in over eighteen months of use on DELPHI
and various other B.B.S.’s, rather it
has proven to be remarkably reliable.
The version that I am using is 6.3; that
tells me that Phil has been constantly working on Autoterm adding features and
polishing the routines, eliminating bugs and improving the overall program.
All you have to do is to look at the features that were added in the latest
release to realize that here is an author who is interested in giving the
users what they desire.

Any programmer will tell you it is a tedious time consuming job to revise
any program, especially one as complex as Autoterm with so many inter-related
I feel that Phil has been open to suggestions in the past and that is
where you and I come into the picture.
As consumers if we feel that this program lacks some important feature
then it it up to us to let Phil know how we feel.
It is easy to forget that it takes time to revise a program or add features to
I think that X-Modem to disk saves and X-Modem CRC are both protocalls that are
needed in this program and I have written a letter to Phil stating this.
I have also noted that I would like to see Y-Modem, KERMIT and VT-100 emulation
at some time in the future.
If we the consumers don’t give the programmer feedback then he will never
know what we feel is missing.
The best type of feedback is with a written letter because it is tangible.
It will be there long after a telephone conversation has been forgotten.
If you feel that a program you have purchased can be improved with an
upgraded version then I encourage you to write your feelings to either the
author or publisher.
This is the only way we the COCO community will be able to survive in the long

By the way I am going to revise my “profile” today. Happy computing!!

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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: AUTOTERM (Re: Msg 52697)
    From: CANMAN To: CBJ

    Have you downloaded alot of
    .ARC formated files????I have had much
    trouble with these type files…could
    be my disk…(yes I received a backup
    copy)but I don’t think so. AUTOTERM
    when I first got it, was fine for my
    purposes…simply getting online!!!
    But there is so much missing in terms
    of protocols and emulations such as
    VT100, VT52, VIDTEX AND CRT…the
    processing feature is of no importance
    to me but I do like the programmable
    functions of AUTOTERM, though, the
    term I ordered V-TERM does have
    programmable macro keys.
    I have written and spoken to
    Mr. Zwart and found him to be most
    congenial, willing to listen to my
    gripes, and returning my calls…I
    guess what bothers me most is all the
    versions he has done on AUTOTERM and
    still has not given us direct to disk, and X-MODEM CRC OR YMODEM as well as
    Kermit. Also, since I would use a term
    program constantly!!!!!WHY FOR GOD’S
    do have another original, but this is
    still not a guarantee he won’t go out
    of business (as Don Hutchison pointed
    out to me) then where am I….
    All in all, the feel of AUTOTERM
    is smooth…but there are “bugs” in
    the program in downloading…others
    give you a block by block download and
    tell you if it is received correctly.
    Also, in talking to MartyGoodman, he
    has stated that AUTOTERM has been a
    pain since it first came on the market.
    I’ll grant you that Marty is probably
    partial to his term(V-TERM)but there
    is something to all the complaints.
    I may come back to AUTOTERM in the
    future if it is upgraded…I sure am
    glad it is right for yourself and that
    you have had zero problems…I just
    can’t justify using it any more given
    the problems I’ve had lately…
    Let me know if you hear of any
    news from Phil…catch you sometime for
    a conference or chit chat…


  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: AUTOTERM (Re: Msg 52708)

    For what this is worth: I have found that Autoterm looks at the
    incoming data bytes (during an xmodem transfer) to determine the
    file type (text, bin, basic etc..) but this causes problems with
    MULTIPLE ORIGIN binary files. I have tried to send another person
    multiple origin binary files when the receiver had Autoterm and
    the file would not transfer properly. I had to ARC the program into
    one file and send it that way for it to work.