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RE: iron forest Re: Msg 52488

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RE: iron forest (Re: Msg 52488)

Um … I think I came across wrong.

When a DAT cassette is written to, it writes “extra” information outside
the sound tracks. A chip in the DAT deck looks for this info when playing
a cassette and won’t record when playing a tape so encoded. This is my
understanding. Of course, there’s always the subcode on a CD player —
the extra space that isn’t used. But, you’d have to get the subcode to
the system somehow. A system depending on the CD player owner to plug
the subcode into the DAT deck is easily defeated!

I’ll try and find my information source. I thought it was the latest
Stereo Review, but couldn’t find it in there.


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  • pucc_unknown

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    RE: iron forest (Re: Msg 52578)

    Thanks for the additional information. If the intent is to allow only
    first-generation DAT copies to be made from a CD, it would seem more
    natural to me that the protection code be embedded in the CD subcode,
    rather than inserted by the DAT player. The DAT player would then only
    need to be able to distinguish between whether a signal it was recording
    was being fed to it from a CD or from another DAT player, which should be
    easy to label using the DAT subcode. That way you could have protected
    and unprotected CDs as well as DAT tapes.

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    RE: iron forest (Re: Msg 52594)

    But if you reply on CD subcode, you have problems. For one, you DEPEND on
    the person hooking up a cable from the subcode out of the CD player into
    the DAT deck. Also — a very important point — not all CD players HAVE
    a subcode out!!! And they haven’t found a way of encoding such informatinon
    into the audio tracks that doesn’t mangle the music. I would refuse to
    buy any CD that has been tampered with to insert such a code into the audio

    They would gladly prevent even the first generation copy from CD to DAT if
    they could. That way they’d make more money. If you owned and used both,
    then you’d have to buy the CD *and* DAT of everything you listen to.