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4 Meg Memory Hack

83426 27-NOV 14:25 General Information
4 Meg Memory Hack

Attention All MM/1 Owners:

Minimum allocation size: 0.25 K-bytes
Number of memory segments: 6
Total RAM at startup: 9140.25 K-bytes
Current total free RAM: 8789.25 K-bytes

Free memory map:

Segment Address Size of Segment
—————– ————————–
$4E00 $200 0.50 K-bytes
$24C00 $200 0.50 K-bytes
$2AC00 $7BA000 7912.00 K-bytes
$7F2C00 $500 1.25 K-bytes
$7F3700 $500 1.25 K-bytes
$801400 $DA700 873.75 K-bytes

This is the output of mfree after completeing the 4 Meg Memory Hack on
an MM/1. Notice the 8 Meg of free RAM! You too can have this.

There are two ways to get the hack. Ask me and I’ll send you the
details so you can do it yourself. However, be cautioned that this is
not a pretty hack, nor is it easy to do. You’ll need to have a good
amount of experience in soldering, cutting traces, pulling pins up on
already soldered in chips, piggybacking chips, and running tiny wires
around on the board. If you have never done something like this, I
wouldn’t attempt it yourself. You can do permanent and fatal damage to
the I/O board.

The other method is to let me do it for you. For a $50 charge, I’ll
perform the hack, test it, and make a new init module for you. I’ll
also guarantee my work for a year (the hack only). All you need to do
is send me your I/O board. If you want me to include the 4 Meg SIMMs,
let me know. I haven’t priced them lately, but I’m sure I can get some
at a reasonable price for you. I should be able to do the hack and get
your board back within 2 weeks.

This would make a great Christman present to yourself. If anyone is
interested, let me know via email.

Mark Griffith
Dirt Cheap Computer Stuff Co.
“Cheap, But Not Trash”

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2 comments to 4 Meg Memory Hack

  • pucc_unknown

    83678 2-DEC 21:14 General Information
    RE: 4 Meg Memory Hack (Re: Msg 83426)

    PLEASE send more info (4 meg hack)
    :-> :-> :-> :-> :-> :-> :-> :-> :-> Chris < -: <-: <-: <-: <-: <-: <-: <-:

  • pucc_unknown

    83680 2-DEC 21:27 General Information
    RE: 4 Meg Memory Hack (Re: Msg 83678)

    Chris, Mark Sent me this info already, and with his permission, I will make
    copies to distribute to MM/1 owners at the next Glenside meeting…

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