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RE: PT68K Re: Msg 84296

84322 24-DEC 00:01 General Information
RE: PT68K (Re: Msg 84296)
From: JES68K To: MROWEN01 (NR)

I have had my PT68K4 (ordered the first kit at the Atlanta CoCoFEST) four
years ago this last October ….. and have had a lot of fun with it …..
took only two weeks to deliver (MM/1 owners sometimes waited two years).
Questions??? Fire away!

Operating Systems: REX and OSK … do get REX if you are going to build
the motherboard up one kit at a time as it is cheap ($20 or so) and you
can get source code for it if needed (also cheap). OSK cost me $300 and
was the last big purchase.

I built up the motherboard a stage at a time, using the kits from Peripheral
Technology ….. the first goal was serial terminal operation ….. so YES
you can use it that way (until more $$$ appear in the wallet). OSK will
run in 1/2 meg of dram if I remember right … I think I used 1 Meg though.

The pc hardware you might have already (and need): XT keyboard (must be
switched to XT mode — cannot be auto-detect kind), a 1.44MB or 1.2MB
floppy drive is best, but you could probably use a 720KB to start.
I added a 40MB MFM hard drive using a WD controller card. IDE is available
from Peripheral Technology (recommended that you get it from them as to
make sure it has good timing and works correctly … will come with drivers),
but MFM is still standard I believe and comes with your OSK purchase.
I started with monochrome video and then switched later to PerfectView
SVGA card, again monochrome I believe is considered standard and the upgraded
drivers come with the PerfectView (or whatever ET-4000 card is currently
being supplied).

Oh, some kits can be obtained from your parts bin or other source ….
for example, I got all my XT slot connectors from a old motherboard I
bought for $5 at Delta Electronics here in the Atlanta area. Plus the
kit for XT keyboard interface I ordered mailorder and saved some. Plus,
I got into the habit of buying my dram in 1/2 MB chunks every Friday
(pay day ya know!) on the way home from work …. it seemed to help
buying it in $32 chunks that way til I got the full 4MB populated.
ADVICE: stay away from NEC memory chips … they past the dram tester
but fail when you run the memory test program under multi-tasking
operations ….. I probably have four different brands and they all work
fine except NEC chips.

About software: although there is not tons of identical programs to choose
from (like in MS-DOS world), there is plenty to keep you busy til you are
ready to program some of your own. Most if not all the standard utilities
are all available.

I will be adding an internal modem and Soundblaster sound card to my PT68K4
this Christmas and getting some more play time on the system.

Such things as a GIF viewer and Flicker viewer are available for picture

Ask more questions and I am sure any one of the PT owners here on Delphi
can answer with complete details.

=== Jesse ===

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  • pucc_unknown

    84328 24-DEC 01:41 General Information
    RE: PT68K (Re: Msg 84322)

    Where can I get pricing and tech. stats for the PT68k boards? I am planning
    to build up a PT68k system for myself soon (bought an old PT68K2 awhile
    back, but dismantled it in favor of using alot of its parts in my 486)
    I never had the PT number or address for info. Also, Ed (DELMAR) told
    me that there is a version of Minix for the System IV, so there are
    a few different OS’s available..which I like..I like OS-9, but UNIX
    ranks up there among my top 5 OS’s (OS-9,UNIX,NeXT,Mac OS,DOS) I havent
    had all that much experience with NeXT, but from what I have had
    (about a week at a NeXT system, with full documentation) I like..
    in anycase, if you could give me a # for PT, I would appreciate it..

    -* Mike

  • pucc_unknown

    84348 24-DEC 22:41 General Information
    RE: PT68K (Re: Msg 84328)

    Yes, Minix was another OS that some PT owners had an interest in.
    I have always wanted to port the Sinclair QL’s OS known as QDOS to the
    PT …. I have both FDC interfaces implemented on my motherboard and
    someday will do it ( I have a QL and it uses the same FDC as the older
    PT design used and it optional on the K4 motherboard.) There is a ton of
    software for the QL available for just the cost of copying thru one of the
    QL Users groups (about ninety 720K disks worth at $1 per disk).

    Peripheral Technology phone number: (404) 973-2156 in Marietta, Georgia.
    If you don’t have tech info on the K2, they should be able to provide it.

    === Jesse ===