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Disto/Ken-Ton Clash

85189 25-JAN 20:33 System Modules (6809)
Disto/Ken-Ton Clash

I have a Disto SC II and a Ken-Ton SCSI interface. I guess there is a hardware
prot address clash between the two of them. I am forced to use an old FD-501
controller with my newly acquired 75 meg hard drive. From what I have been told
I need a new CC3disk
driver that will work with the Super Controller II and Ken-Ton SCSI interface.
Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get a copy of the needed drivers?

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  • pucc_unknown

    85203 26-JAN 00:36 System Modules (6809)
    RE: Disto/Ken-Ton Clash (Re: Msg 85189)

    I have the Ken-Ton system. Drivers from Matt Thompson (third party vendor)
    are available in the OS9 database area. A modified cc3disk is not required
    for this system. One extra option with the Ken-Ton system is that if you
    have a Seagate “N” series drive (ie ST 257N) then with RGB-DOS from Ken-Ton
    ysocation is FF78…
    He mentioned a SC II….I just missed it……..