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85599 12-FEB 18:16 Applications (6809)

Can anyone tel me for a friend who has three floppies and a hard drive. Can
stream backup a HD using more than one drive, i.e. / d0 /d1 and /d2?
What would the command syntax be?

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  • pucc_unknown

    85637 14-FEB 21:49 Applications (6809)
    RE: Stream (Re: Msg 85599)

    >>Can stream backup a HD using more than one drive,

    Hi Denny. I recently did my first complete backup in a long time
    and used stream, but this time used only one drive. The last time I
    tried a two driveckup I ran into a problem, tho I can’t remember
    exactly what it was. I don’t
    remember if it was Stream I was using then, but am pretty sure you can
    use more than one drive. Try this:

    Stream There is no guarrentee this is right, but I am PRETTY sure it
    will. Keep in mind he may want to do some of the stuff a little
    different, but just keep the last 3 parameters right.
    ‘filelist’ is a list a make of all the files with the ‘Files’ command
    that comes with the hdkit package. I chd to the directory that that
    file resides in, the enter the ‘-b’ command which is
    really default anyway. The I enter the -v command so that it will also
    list the process to the screen as it goes along, and then the ‘l’ for
    ‘log’, and the logfile is in /dd/sys/stream/backlog. That stuff he may
    want to change around to his liking if he knows enough

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