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UltiMuse with NitrOS9

85868 24-FEB 18:19 Music & Sound
UltiMuse with NitrOS9

Is anyone running UltiMuse successfully with NitrOS9 version 1.15 or greater?
I already know about the need for the timing patch, but I’m having problems
getting the program to run at all.

(never even gets to the play routine)


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  • pucc_unknown

    85879 24-FEB 21:48 Music & Sound
    RE: UltiMuse with NitrOS9 (Re: Msg 85868)

    Yes, I am runnning it, to both a hardware midi interface driven from a
    modified rs-232 pack, and to the bit banger, both at the same time IF I like!
    There is a file available here describing the nuts and bolts of how I did it,
    from a mutliview icon yet! By now its probably in the music databse.
    A quick synopsys is that I’ve got the nv.115-6 patched VDGINT in my normal
    boot, the AIF.ume file names a script in the commands dir whose exec bit is
    set, and this script in turn launches Umuse3 for me, version 4.7.2 in this
    case. It should all be in the file, including the how-to’s of patching
    you version of Um3play. Get that file & study it for hints about your
    actual system as what I did there should be a pretty universal way to do
    it altho the exact location of the byte to change might not be given correctly
    for the version of Um3play you might have. The approach I used for the rest
    of it should be usable on any system, even stockers provided the basic
    bug fixes commonly applied to the stock system have been applied to yours
    therebyy cleaning up the crashes. One comment, I suspect that a system with
    a know sensitivity to the BLOB might be harder to make work. Good luck
    Oh, PS etc, I’ve got those 4 vdgint descriptors in my bootfile too. Thats
    the v0.dw, v1.dw etc available in the database here. Again, good luck

  • pucc_unknown

    85884 24-FEB 23:23 Music & Sound
    RE: UltiMuse with NitrOS9 (Re: Msg 85879)

    What’s the CRC and version number of your VDGINT?