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new user hard drive

85987 1-MAR 22:37 Games & Graphics
new user hard drive

I am a new OS9 user and am running on a hard drive for the first time
under OS9 and I am having problems with a few progs!It seems that when
I have someone here that knows what they are doing I get most things
working but when I try topy progs to the hard drive on my own they
don’t seem to work.Since I can’t have someone hold my hand all the time
I could use some help from you guys here!I would like to put all my
OS9 stuff on my hard drive but so far I have only got stuff like
Rogue on by myself.I have KQ3 and liesure suit Larry on my hard drive
but that took someone sitting there telling me what to do!
Even though I have only a VERY BASIC knowledge of OS9 I would like to
put “Rescue on Fractalus” “Sub Battle” “Flight Sim II” and most
importantly”Multi-View” on my hard drive!I would also like to get
Color Computer Artist to work,it semms to be on there but won’t run!
If you can leave me a message with EXACT instructions on how to get
ANY of these or other OS9 progs to work on my hard drive wich uses
a COCO XT by BURK&BURK interface please help all you can becuase I
REALLY NEED the help!!!!(Actually I have the COCO XT-RTC interface)
One more thing,I need to know how to get rid of the directories that
I have messed up so that I can put the good progs in thier places so
that I don’t fill my hard drive with useless junk!!!!!!!
ANY help will help but please remember that I have just barely
started using OS9 and have a very limited knowledge of it.
Once I can get a few of these progs to work I will have a better
knowledge of how to get the rest of them to work!!

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  • pucc_unknown

    85990 1-MAR 23:31 Games & Graphics
    RE: new user hard drive (Re: Msg 85987)

    multivue is easy to put on H/D…the problem is that the “multi-vue” startup
    file is coded to point to /D0……most of the problems could have been cured
    by using the DEFAULT /DD rather than /D0……
    you just change the /D0 to /H0…….you can do that with a utility progam
    that allows one to change Bytes directly…
    look for the /D0 in the TEXT side of the display,I use a utility that was around

    for the old CoCo that works on the CoCo-2……Ezgen will work ok!
    I use a H/D myself!But use the DISTO system……I do use HyperIO though and
    have the os9 stuff!

  • pucc_unknown

    85998 2-MAR 22:18 Games & Graphics
    RE: new user hard drive (Re: Msg 85987)

    there are files in the data base that helps with putting things onto hard
    drives. They have helped me in the past.

  • pucc_unknown

    86020 4-MAR 00:12 Games & Graphics
    RE: new user hard drive (Re: Msg 85987)

    >>(Actually I have the Coco XT-RTC interface)

    Good GOOD choice on that Burke and Burke :-)
    For the most part, putting OS9 programs from floppy to Hard Drive
    is simple. The only problem tends to be when programs have directories
    Hardcoded into them. I think this is a problem with at least
    SOME of those games. Also I think they require the vdgint
    descriptor/driver< ???> which might still be in your bootlist. Sorry if
    this is coming at you too fast starting out>, but I tend to have a hard time simplyfing explanations.
    While I couldn’t tell you exactly how to get them programs set up,
    since I am in the process of trying to do the same thing, I would
    advise you to make up a seperate bootfile for games since the VDGint
    Module takes up a good deal of memory, plus FTDD and some of the
    others which are specific to the some of the games. Hopefully someone
    can help you more than I on this, and since you reminded me of my old
    project, I’ll try and see what I can get myself while working a little
    on it.

  • pucc_unknown

    86053 5-MAR 21:22 Games & Graphics
    RE: new user hard drive (Re: Msg 85987)

    Most Tandy games use vdgint- this is in whatever boot KQ3 uses
    so many games will run so long as you use the KQ3 hard drive boot. Flight
    Simulator has
    2 special modules, just like KQ3 does. These are more work- they have to be in
    MultiVue is easiest to live with when it’s part of the main system.
    If windint is in os9boot (the extra w are optional), that system will run MVue
    from the hard drive if the MVue disk is simply dsaved to the hard drive. Forget
    Tandy’s install- if windint replaces grfint MultiVue is ‘installed’- it will
    run from any chd/chx- with exception of env.sys, which has to be
    in /dd/sys (this is probably /h0/sys anyway).

  • pucc_unknown

    86103 8-MAR 00:32 Games & Graphics
    RE: new user hard drive (Re: Msg 86053)

    After cleaning the contacts on my whole computer it seems that my os9 boot
    or it’s backup would work!It seems to die about halfway through the boot
    process and gives me a 32 column green screen with os9 boot failed.
    Hyper I/O works fine on the hard drive so my os9 stuff should still be there
    so if someone could help me make a new boot for my hard drive with the
    stuff that is on the old boot disks it would help a lot!!!!!
    It seems that for some reason the boot or starup file is messed up!!