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86509 26-MAR 12:21 Telecom (6809)

Randy, I think that you are the agent for supercomm, so I’ll address this
to you. I just grabbed it a week or so ago, and in working with it, I
found something that seems to be a problem in at least my setup.

My setup is a Disto SC-2 w/4in1, Disto Clock Edition 9, sacia w/the
supercomm patches (only, not the ones Paul uploaded), and VRN suite of

When I close a capture buffer (that is SHIFT-Downarrow) after the prompt
“…Close it “… after I respond “y”, something is sent to the modem
and supercomm locks up. This is with the modem in command mode.. I also
tried this with the standard Disto clock and ACIAPAK with the same results.

One other thing… with IT.XTP set with bit 6 (forced DTR) set, as supplied,
if I exited my telecom program (OSTerm also), and turned my modem off, it
would crash my system. (I know this is not a fault of supercomm, but thought
I might add it).

Anyway, I thought I’d throw this up at ya and see what you might come up with.
The above situation might not be the way things would need to be done (close
buffer with modem in cmd mode), but at any rate it does represent a
possiblity for error and should be looked into. Of course the situation
might be caused by the way my port handles RTS/CTS etc, but I would think
that this port should be supported.

BTW, here’s my current xmode:
nam=T2 mgr=SCF ddr=SACIA hpn=07 hpa=FF54 upc=00 bso=01
dlo=00 eko=01 alf=01 nul=00 pau=00 pag=18 bsp=08 del=18
eor=0D eof=1B rpr=09 dup=19 psc=17 int=03 qut=05 bse=08
ovf=07 par=0C bau=04 xon=11 xof=13 col=50 row=18 xtp=05
wnd=05 val= sty= cpx= cpy= fgc= bgc= bdc=
Well, TTYL

— David Breeding —

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9 comments to Supercomm…

  • pucc_unknown

    86517 26-MAR 19:02 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Supercomm… (Re: Msg 86509)

    Both problems are known. Unforch, due to the coco telcom enviroment, there
    ain’t much I can do about it.

    Turning modem off hangs the system. Yep, sure does, but only with certain
    clock modules. congrats on tracing this to bit 6. Took me forever to figure this

    one out, though I was doing it via email/forum. with the 6551, to leave DTR true

    means leaving the chip partially hot. Turning the modem off causes the lines to
    change state, and the 6551 tosses an IRQ (it shouldn’t but does. BUG!).
    Of course, SAcia is gone, the irq handler has been removed, and so clock runs in

    an endless loop looking for someone to turn this damn interupt off. Apparent
    lockup. The answer is… DON’T SET BIT 6!!! :>

    The lockup with ascii capture close is a lot tougher. SuperComm sends out
    an X-Off (if enabled) to stop the sender before going to disk. It has to do
    this in order to not loose massive amounts of data on floppy based systems.
    But when you’re in command mode, the modem just echos this x-off char right
    back to SAcia. When SuperComm is done writing, it sends an X-On. But in
    this case, SAcia won’t send the char out, since it’s x-off’d. Deadlock.

    Normally I recommend running with only partial xon-off control. Disable
    the Tx side. i think the setting is par=04, but need to check it. This
    makes SAcia ignore the bounced Xoff. But if you’re using a high speed modem
    with soft flow control, this will screw things up.
    I just realized how to fix it. Let me screw together a new SAcia, and I’ll
    mail it to you for beta testing.


  • pucc_unknown

    86524 26-MAR 23:41 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Supercomm… (Re: Msg 86517)

    Randy, thanks for taking the time to describe the turn-of-modem problem
    and the thing about closing files. I would assume that the problem with
    file-close would not persist with modem in data mode – I didn’t really
    have the XOff figured out, but in the back of my mind, I had a suspicion.
    Hadn’t really given S-Com a thorough wring-out. Is it actually superior
    to OSTerm? OSTerm has a few shortcomings itself – no ascii upload being
    my main gripe.

    RE: the modem turn-off thing: I experienced a similar thing when I patched
    my Clock module with the Bruce Isted Gime toggle with WizPro. Of course
    it provided its own Driver and in this light, I would suspect that its
    problem was possibly a result of the same thing. I never did use the Wiz
    package, although it did have some appealing screens.

    I’ll give S-Com a further wringout with my local BBS – I feel a little
    giddy when trying something like this till I get used to it. Feel like
    I’m walking on eggs . BTW.. I think I mentioned that I’m using the
    version of Sacia that came with the SuperComm pkg. Didn’t install the
    patches that Paul uploaded.

    Thanks again…

    — David Breeding —

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