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Current Periodicals

86660 5-APR 15:10 General Information
Current Periodicals

Start with ’68 Micros’. Other publications are advertised or discussed in
this publication. ‘The world of 68 micors’ is a great magazine with even
coverage of Coco RS-DOS/OS-9 and OSK machines. There are also language
articles and advertising. Plus you can communicate with the editor right
here (not to mention most of the article writers themselves)! Can’t go
wrong with the combo.

-Mike Rowen

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  • pucc_unknown

    86665 5-APR 21:37 General Information
    RE: Current Periodicals (Re: Msg 86660)
    From: DSRTFOX To: MROWEN01

    Thanks for the compliments and recommendation Mike! I have great plans for the
    next few months, so just keep on subscribing! Next issue will be mainly on
    hard drives, including those for the CoCo. Will first discuss the Ken-Ton
    SCSI, which is still in production. The two following issues will cover the
    Disto SASI/SCSI and the B&B CoCoXT interfaces. Will also be doing spotlights on
    Delmar and FHL, complete with reviews of their top of the line systems!