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UUCPbb Announcement

86657 5-APR 01:33 General Information
UUCPbb Announcement

Follows is the “official” announcement from Bob Billson.

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====>>> ANNOUNCING UUCPbb < <<====
====>>> UUCP for OS-9 < <<====

UUCPbb has been uploaded to the /incoming directory on chestnut.cs.wisc.edu.
Shortly, it will be move to its permanent directory.

Well almost made it on time. :-( I said UUCPbb would be released on April 2
by hook or crook. I didn’t count on my mail feed’s system crashing over the
weekend nor a Multipak whose 5 volt supply decided to become intermittant.

BUT the gremlins have not won!!

I know I promised the release back in December. Then it was April 2. Y’all
probably thought it was vaporware. Thanks for being patient. I hope the
wait was worth it. The only “victim” of my flaky Multi-pak was the
installation software I was working on. This will be released shortly. The
docs should suffice although it will require a little more work on your part
part then I intended. Sorry about this, but I didn’t want to you make y’all
wait another week or two.

What UUCPbb is NOT
UUCPbb allows you to run a UUCP node on your OS-9 system. UUCPbb is NOT a
terminal program. UUCPbb is not a BBS program; although it could be
interfaced with one. UUCPbb will NOT connect you to the Internet. You can
make use of some systems which are on Internet and provide access via e-mail.
But you will not be on the Internet.

So what the heck is it?
UCPbb is an update of the UUCP software Rick Adams wrote a few years ago for
the Tandy Color Computer 3 running OS-9 Level 2. It gives you a way to hook
your CoCo or OSK machine to the world UUCP network for exchanging email, news
and files. The original software has been extensively rewritten with many new
features added. It was ported to OS-9/68K; although not to OS-9000–yet. 😉
The features include:

* Calling multiple systems from a single command line

* Ability to process mail after each call, after all call (when calling
more than one system), or not until a later time.

* Retrying a call every few minutes if the initial call fails

* Improved logging of call progress and error messages.

* Tested with UUCPs on DEC Ultrix, Taylor (GNU), UUPC (MS-DOS), whatever
UUNET Technologies uses, HoneyDanBer, and itself.

* Improved mailer with lots more features. In addition, Jeff Shepler’s
Elm-like mailer, Palm, is has been ported.

* Software to let you read and send Usenet news.

* Mini-listserver written and donated Rick. (Thanks Rick!)
Now you, too, can be a fileserver! :-)

* Utilities to do UUCP administrative chores.

How much does it cost?
Zilch…nada…nothing! Thanks to Rick, UUCPbb is released as free software
under the GNU General Public License.

Where do I get it?
The official site for this and all updates will be the OS-9 archive site on
the Internet. Right now, this chestnut.cs.wisc.edu. It will also be posted
to Delphi, (I hope) Compuserv and various landline BBS. Official updates will
always show up on chestnut first. It will probably be on the OS-9 mirror
archive site, wuarchive, after a short while.

What do I need?
A 512K (128K may work but it hasn’t been tested) CoCo 3 running OS-9 Level 2,
with a hard drive. Floppies may work, but it will be painfully slow (I know
ran it on 720K *halting* floppy controller system!), a C compiler (UUCPbb is
distributed as C source only).

For OSK, you need any OSK machine with either Microware’s Ultra C or C
compiler ver3.2.

And of course, you need these files:

README.bb -brief summary of UUCPbb
uucpbb20.lzh -the source code
~ uucpbm20.lzh -docs and other files to make life easier :-)

Not required but a good idea for OS-9/6809:

clib1990.lzh -this is the 1990 edition of Carl Kreider’s CLIB
cc250.lzh -latest replacement of Carl Kreider’s C compiler executive
updated by Vaughn Cato. Definitely worth having!

All the archives were created with LHA211. To burst the archives under
OS-9/6809, you will either need LHA211 or UNLZH7. UNLZH7.AR is available on

===> OSK users < <===
You will need to use LHA v2.0.1 to burst the archives. Later versions of
LHA will extract files with junk attached and give CRC errors.

Questions or comments can be sent by email to me.

Share and enjoy! More is on its way! 😉


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