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line link 144e

87312 12-MAY 21:20 Telecom (6809)
line link 144e

I think somebody posted a request for help with a LineLink 144e. Here’s what
I found out:

Don’t bother calling the the Mac Warehouse help line; they’re pretty
useless. I was able to find out that the modem is manufactured by
Prometheus so I called their tech support line and got the pin outs for the
db 25 connector:

2 – TX (transmit data)
3 – RX (recieve data)
4 – RTS (request to send)
5 – CTS (clear to send)
6 – DSR (whatever that is)
7 – Ground
8 – DCD (carrier detect)
20 – DTR (data terminal ready)
22 – Ring

If your port doesn’t have CTS at pin 5, you have to use “at&r1” to tell the
modem to use the DTR on pin 20 as CTS. If you have both CTS and DTR then
use “at&r0”. I also tried connecting pin 20 from the port to pin 5 on the
modem and that seemed to work too.

Stephen (PAGAN)

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  • pucc_unknown

    87345 14-MAY 16:35 Telecom (6809)
    RE: line link 144e (Re: Msg 87312)
    From: PHXKEN To: PAGAN (NR)

    My manual says that &R0 is the PC MODE and the &R1 is the MAC MODE.
    &R0 has DTR and RTS signals functioning normally for a PC.
    The manual says that &R1 configures for BI-directional RTS/CTS flow with
    &K3 or \Q3 set.