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87125 3-MAY 02:03 Telecom (6809)

Randy, can /w be created? Or does it just have to be in memory? I tried to
open /w with no success. Yet the same commands work fine on other windows.
Here is what I tried;
iniz /w;wcreate /w -s=02 00 00 80 24 00 09 09;shell i=/w&
The above doesn’t work, the window gets created but the shell doesn’t fork.
If I sub /w1, it works fine. Forgive me, I’m dumb about these things.
In the meantime, I’ll try running SC in /W1 from startup. Charlie

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  • pucc_unknown

    87127 3-MAY 02:38 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87125)

    Why not just do a :
    supercomm <>>>/w& in your startup file, I believe supercomm sets up its
    own window parameters. /w is the “generic” window descriptor, and tells
    the system to use the next available window.

    P.S iniz’ing windows is an ugly thing to do…

  • pucc_unknown

    87145 3-MAY 22:12 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87127)

    Thanx Paul, that explains alot. Instead of assigning specific windows, I
    just assign W and let the file use the next avail. window. Do I have to iniz.
    those windows or just W?

  • pucc_unknown

    87146 3-MAY 22:31 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87145)

    You really don’t need to iniz windows at all.

  • pucc_unknown

    87152 4-MAY 00:34 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87146)

    If you say so Paul. I’m just following the manual (Rainbow). I suppose
    I’ll get it down sooner or later. The good news is I have my startup
    configured to load SC, Dynastar, Presto Partner, along with term and one
    text window. It even puts the PAGAN logo (altered a little) on the term
    screen. Of course, with only 512k, I don’t have much memory left. But
    then I’m going to the Fest so I’ll maybe fix that. I even have enuf
    system memory to format a disk. I started late learning but I’m picking
    up something new everyday. I might even be happy now for a week before
    I try to alter things again. NO! A week is too long…maybe two days.
    I didn’t know what you meant by ‘initializing all those windows’. Till
    now I never had to deal with it. Willfo sent me his ‘make#’ utils for
    creating windows several years ago when I started trying to get into
    OS9. I couldn’t use that for loading SC and Dynastar. So now I can
    make my own with a little trail and error. Thanx for the tipoff, you
    must have gotten a little chuckle from that (along with everyone else
    here). Thats not my first goofup and it certainly won’t be my last.
    Someday I’ll tell the story of how I ruined a Coco3 removing the
    gime chip….. Later Charlie

  • pucc_unknown

    87154 4-MAY 00:47 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87152)

    Paul is absolutely correct. Do not iniz windows unless it’s absolutely
    needed, such as for wcreate (I don;t use wcreate for this reason). In the
    old Level 1 days, it was a good idea to iniz all devices to be used, due to
    memory frag reasons. With Level 2, this reason is gone, and the “W” descriptor
    makes inizing unwanted. “W” is not a window device. It is a psuedo device that
    tells the system to find the next unused (un-inized) window device, and use
    that. If all the windows are pre-inized, it will bomb out.

    In the case of something like:
    iniz /w
    wcreate /w etc etc etc
    shell i=/w&

    The system will find an uninized window to use with the first line, which inizs

    it. Then, for the second line, it will have to find another unused window. Can’t

    use the first one… it’s now inized. Same thing for the third line. The system
    seeks out a new window for the shell to use, which won’t be either of the first

    Confused yet (I shouldn’t answer realtime online after midnight :)


  • pucc_unknown

    87161 4-MAY 22:09 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87154)

    Are you the one who tried to pry the entire socket off the motherboard?

  • pucc_unknown

    87167 4-MAY 23:26 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87154)

    I understand what your saying okay. I was wondering why I was having such a
    hard time doing just what you describe. But tell me, can you do it if you put
    it all on one line separated by semi colons? I believe it can be done like
    that. Not sure though, I’ll have to try it again. But yeah, it was driving
    me crazy doing exactly what you described. Well, I don’t have to bump into
    that wall anymore. Boy, am I getting an education. Again thanx, Charlie

  • pucc_unknown

    87170 4-MAY 23:35 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87161)

    Yeah, thats me… but thats not something I tell often anymore… :-!
    Frank, I lost or misplaced volume #4 of 68Micro, how much for another?
    Also, my subscription is due soon. If I see you at the Fest, I’ll renew
    for another year. Great magazine. BTW, can you tell me if their (Glenside)
    akfast at the Fest? I didn’t see mention of it in their
    circular. I just got my Fest tickets today. I’m as excited as a kid at
    Christmas and I’m 50….. Some people never grow up. ;-) Charlie

  • pucc_unknown

    87234 8-MAY 20:53 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87170)

    When you renew at the fest I’ll let you have a replacement #4 for half price..
    $2.00. There isn’t an organized breakfast at the fest, but the hotel has
    aood restaurant and breakfast buffet!

  • pucc_unknown

    87238 8-MAY 23:10 Telecom (6809)
    RE: Windows (Re: Msg 87234)

    Thanx for the break on the mag#4. I’m glad we won’t have to go far for chow.
    If I can’t get a cup of coffee first thing, I just ain’t human. As a matter
    of record, I don’t travel without a coffee pot if I can help it. I’m really
    looking forward to this, it will probably be my last chance at a Fest. See
    you there Frank. Charlie