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NitrOS9 v1.20

87934 14-JUN 02:17 System Modules (6809)
NitrOS9 v1.20

Just thought I would pass along the following from Fidonet:

Message No. 106 was left on 06-08-94 13:57:57
To……. : Brian O’Hagan
From….. : Colin Mckay
Subject.. : Re: NitrOS9
Message Conference #37 “CoCo OS9 (National Conference)”

> So how does one contact Bill and Curtis in order to purchase Nitros9?

Bill and/or Curtis should be making an announcement here some time this
week regarding the status of NitrOS-9.

Summed up briefly, v1.20 is scheduled for release around mid-July, and you
should wait until then before purchase, as the price has been lowered.

If you need further information, you can contact me at (613)736-0329.

Those who already own NitrOS-9 should also wait for the announcement.

TTYL. Colin.

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Message No. 100 was left on 06-07-94 20:10:35
To……. : Brian O’Hagan
From….. : Curtis Boyle
Subject.. : Re: NitrOS9
Message Conference #37 “CoCo OS9 (National Conference)”

You can contact either one of us here on FidoNet, or you can write to us at:

Curtis Boyle or Bill Nobel
Mercury Graphics Corporation
1438 Fletcher Road
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 5T2

Maybe put a RE: NitrOS9 on the address as well so Bill or I can tell if it
is regular work business or NitrOS9 related (our work is letting us use their
address for correspondence, since one of us is bound to be their every
weekday. Prevents letters from getting locked up for a couple of weeks if one
of us is on vacation).
For dire emergencies, you can call us (by name) at work too, but don’t do
it too often, as our work doesn’t want to pay us for doing support for a
product that they have nothing to do with (except for printing our manuals at
a good price). The number there is (306)-384-8000.
In the evenings, you can call me (306)-384-4722 or Bill (306)-978-0834 at
We will have some distributors soon for the new Version 1.20 release, as
well as our new upgrade/purchase policy, hopefully by the end of June, work
schedules permitting. We were pretty busy after getting back from the Fest,
and finally had time to print some manuals (V1.15/16) for backorders this
afternoon, so we haven’t had too much time to do much with NitrOS9. We should
get the manuals mailed out to individuals waiting for them by the end of the
week, and then start doing some bug-hunting/last minute updates & the new
manual after that. We will keep you posted as to our progress on this echo. If
anyone with Delphi/Internet/Compu$erve access can pass this info along, please
do…I don’t have access to most of it anymore.

— Opus-CBCS 1.73a
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