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NitrOS-9 v1.20

88906 29-JUL 00:14 General Information
NitrOS-9 v1.20

From: cmckay [at] northx [dot] isis [dot] org “Colin McKay”
=================== Cross-posted by request / Ken S ========================

Attention NitrOS-9 Owners

Version 1.20 is almost finished, and work on the new manual has begun. The
current goal for completion is 15 August (and this self-imposed deadline
appears to be realistic.)

The authors are attempting to contact all current owners of NitrOS-9
to arrange for upgrades.

Any and all owners of NitrOS-9 are requested to contact Northern Xposure
via email or snailmail with your current address so that we can get the
upgrade information to you. This includes all owners that sent in the
registration cards that came with earlier versions of NitrOS-9.

Any owners who have purchased NitrOS-9 from the Northern Xposure booth at
either the Atlanta Fest in 1993, or the Chicago Fest in 1994 need not
respond to this request, unless your address has changed.

Please send messages to:

Internet: cmckay [at] northx [dot] isis [dot] org Snail Mail: Northern Xposure
7 Greenboro Cres
Ottawa, ON
K1T 1W6

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