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Shanghai and Multivue

88926 30-JUL 02:55 Games & Graphics
Shanghai and Multivue
From: ISC To: ALL

I remember some discussion about this before, but I am having trouble
with Shanghai in Multi-vue. Shanghai works fine in a 40 x 24 graphics
window, but will not draw the windows in Multi-vue. I get an error 201
instead. How can the path be different in Multi-vue if I am using the
same diskette to load the game outside of Multi-vue and it works? What
paths are different?


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  • pucc_unknown

    88934 30-JUL 11:58 Games & Graphics
    RE: Shanghai and Multivue (Re: Msg 88926)
    From: PHXKEN To: ISC

    It does work. Took me a while too. I forgot to reset the exec dir
    under MV and my path to the ICONS in the AIF had to be changed to
    fit my system. Running under shell 2.1 my path is to a second hard drive.
    MV needed to adjust for my setup.

  • pucc_unknown

    88936 30-JUL 14:45 Games & Graphics
    RE: Shanghai and Multivue (Re: Msg 88934)
    From: ISC To: PHXKEN (NR)


    Thanks for the reply. I did reset the exec dir in MV and I also did
    change the AIF to point to the icons directory. Shanghai is in the
    “Games” directory which is a sub-directory to the CMDS directory. If
    I try to run Shanghai with CMDS as exec and /d0 as data dir, I get a
    216 error. If I use the games dir as exec and data dir Shanghai
    draws the dragon logo and fails with a 201 error. While running in
    a graphics window outside of MV, I use the same diskette and run /d0
    as data and CMDS as exec and shanghai works fine. What am I missing?