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OS-9 Users Group FAQ

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OS-9 Users Group FAQ

The following is the OS-9 Users Group, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions file.

04 August 1994

OS-9 Users Group Frequently Asked Questions List
16 July 1994 Edition

Q. What is the OS-9 Users Group?

A. The OS-9 Users Group, Inc., is a non-profit organization established
with the goals of:

a. Stimulating and sustaining interest in the OS-9 operating
system in all its forms (OS-9 6809, OS-9 68000, OS-9000);
b. Promoting the cooperation and exchange of information
concerning OS-9 betweens its members;
c. Conducting programs and activities which promote
fraternalism and advance the general interest and knowledge
of its members; and
d. Supporting, where practical, the activities of other
organizations which promote OS-9.

Q. How do I contact the OS-9 Users Group?

A. Any of the following addresses may be used to contact the Users

By Mail: The OS-9 Users Group, Inc.
6158 W. 63d St. Suite 109
Chicago, IL

By Internet: os9ug [at] sandv [dot] chi [dot] il [dot] us

Officers of the Users Group are as follows:

Position Name EMail Address
——————— —————- ———————-
President Carl Boll cbj [at] delphi [dot] com
Executive VP Colin McKay cmckay [at] uuisis [dot] isis [dot] org
Director Ed Gresick edelmar [at] delphi [dot] com
Director Eddie Kuns ekuns [at] pisces [dot] rutgers [dot] edu
Director Ken Scales kscales [at] delphi [dot] com
VP Communications Paul Jerkatis mithelen [at] sandv [dot] chi [dot] il [dot] us
VP OS-9 (6809) * Brian Goers briangoers [at] delphi [dot] com
VP OS-9 Brian Goers briangoers [at] delphi [dot] com
Secretary Howard Luckey luckyone [at] delphi [dot] com
Treasurer Br. Jeremy revwcp [at] delphi [dot] com
Librarian Zack Sessions colorsystems [at] delphi [dot] com
MOTD Editor Joel Hegberg joelhegberg [at] delphi [dot] com

* Acting pending appointment of a replacement.

Q. How much does membership cost?

A. Annual Membership Dues: United States & Canada Other Countries
25.00 US 30.00 US

Q. Why should I join?

A. There are many reasons for joining the Users Group. Why you join
is entirely up to you, but here are some reasons:

o Support. OS-9 is a great Operating System, but it also can be
difficult to learn. The Users Group can help ease the
learning curve, and suggest sources for additional help.
A project that you are working on may already have been
completed by someone else. The Users Group can help put you
in contact with them.

o The MOTD Newsletter.

o The best reason for joining is that you want to.

Q. What is the MOTD Newsletter.

A. MOTD, or Message Of The Day, is the OS-9 Users Group Newsletter.
It is published four times per year or more often if required.

It contains news of interest to UG members, as well as contacts,
and several regular features.

These include the “President’s Column”, and “Straight From the Horse’s
Mouth”, about the use of OS-9 by Industrial, Scientific and Educational
Institutions. A new column by Joel Hegberg will be starting shortly.

* The OS-9 UG FAQ is maintained by the OS-9 Users Group *
* Executive Vice President, Colin McKay. Updates, *
* questions, and comments may be sent to him at: *
* *
* cmckay [at] northx [dot] isis [dot] org or by mail at the ug address *

Paul Jerkatis
VP. Communications
OS-9 Users Group, Inc.

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