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scsi in Burke and Burke with Scsisys10

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scsi in Burke and Burke with Scsisys10

I have a weird question, I know I should ask Chris burke this but…. Since
he does not write scsisys and this also applies to that author here is my
I found a great deal on a Maxtor 290MB 12ms SCSI HD. and a 8 bit scsi
card. I was going to buy it for my xt but…. I think Cecilia (My coco 3)
would make better use of it. I was going to install it externally so it
could plug into the card via the 25pin scsi external connector. First of all
does Scsisys allow a user to set the port address easily along with the slot
selection? B&B needs BOTH! and also… would the thing work The card I am
thinking of ordering uas a scsi driver you load from Disk. I deliberatly
said “NO” to the HD only version as it only allowd two HD devices and did
not even alllow Tape or CD-rom. (When I buy cards, I use device drivers,
just like on my Coco, I eat TPA (cp/m speak) but then upgrading is easier.
Does Scsi sys 1.0 have a certain register demand? Does it nessarly need
a certain brand of Scsi chip? or if I had that info would the author prepare
me a version for testing? If it does not… I have a hungry Xt waiting…
but The case looks like it matches the coco 3 Much better. I was going to
lay out the Scsi HD to use 30 Meg partitions on the IBM. Give the old St-225
(20 MEG! Geez! Cecilia only fills hers half way full! and it is the same
size but newer Kalok 320!)
Sorry this is so long but I really think that knowing this info could
give us with the B&B system a second chance to go SCSI. I want to use SCSI
as the MFM hardware is not easily found new and I do not want to have to
worry if the HD croaks and I got an old outdated interface that has no
support. I think Chris Burke did mention that if the card selected does not
use IRQ’s it may work. I do not know if it does or not but My HD on my XT
does have an IRQ address and it works fine on my Coco 3.
Michele Marie Dalene

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