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> I’d be interested in hearing about this new OSTerm/68k. I always
> thought OSTerm/Tascom had a lot of potential, but fell down in
> the details (file transfer bugs, emulation bugs, etc.). I’d
> be interested to hear that someone addressed those problems.

Hi, Tim –

Yes, OSTerm/68K has been considerably enhanced compared with OSTerm/6809
and TasCOM. The current official release is version 2.2.0; however a few
folks have a “beta test” version 2.2.1.

I don’t have a complete list of the changes, but will list the ones that
come to mind… (I’ve included some of the known limitations, too.)

– (prompted) ASCII file transfers are now fully implemented. (Vaughn
added them to the menus when he started working on them, but hadn’t
yet finished the code.)
– Y-batch no longer resets the filelength to 0 on ASCII transfers.
(Side-effect: sometimes the xmodem padding will not be stripped.
Perhaps a future release will cover this.)
– provision added for 3 external protocols. These are defined by the
user in the osterm.config file, and become bound into the standard
OSTerm Transfer and Filepicker menu sequences, just like the native
protocols, so they appear fully integrated to the user. (I use Zmodem,
Kermit Binary, and Kermit ASCII).
– ANSI emulation has been enhanced to include all of the normal
IBM/BBS sequences, 16 foreground and 8 background colours (with
correct palettes).
– VT100 emulation has been significantly enhanced:
– host programmable tabs (also, user settable in config file; default
is the VT100 standard default)
– scrolling regions (Version 2.2.0 only has absolute origin mode;
V2.2.1 beta has relative origin mode, too).
– User selectable “Newline mode” and “Autowrap at margin” added
– many other changes/fixes too numerous to mention to bring it in
line with the VT102 “ANSI” mode.
– limitations: special character sets not supported; 80×24 mode only.
– improved ANSI/VT100 keyboard emulations (e.g., “left arrow” and “ctrl-B”
are differentiated), with online “Keyboard Assignments” menu
– can generate a true “line break”
– RTS/CTS or XON/XOFF flow control supported.
– “Rate adjust” lock to suppress autobauding for modern high-speed modems
– separate Options file for each port (/t0, /t3, etc.)
– “Echo to file” (buffer capture) now strips linefeeds AND ANSI/VT100
control sequences. Also allows append-to-file.
– A “binary” emulation mode has been added, to enable capture of all
received data, but only printing “safe” characters to the screen.
– Remote Mode can be enterred directly from command line:
osterm -r
(or) osterm -r=/dd/directory_path_to_use
– 7-bit mask (oops; bug in V2.2.0; fixed in V2.2.1 beta version)
– numbers expanded to 24-digits in autodialer
– a “graphical front end” for mouse addicts and to make it easier for
casual users. This is, frankly, a bit “clumsier” than we would like,
but since our plans are to evolve OSTerm/68K away from its current
K-Windows dependency, we implemented this as a separate module (“OST”)
to avoid putting more K-Windows stuff into the main program.
– significantly improved manual written by Colin McKay.
– many other tweeks and enhancements.

Hope this provides the info you wanted.

Cheers… / Ken
Ken Scales Delphi:KSCALES Internet:kscales [at] delphi [dot] com CIS:74646,2237

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    RE: OSTerm/68K (Re: Msg 89699)

    > – User selectable “Newline mode” and “Autowrap at margin” added

    I guess that just show that when all else fails, read the directions.
    (I must have autowrap turned off.) Silly me.

    Seriously–I appreciate the heck out of the work that’s been done
    on OSTerm.

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    89725 3-SEP 21:24 Applications (6809)
    RE: OSTerm/68K (Re: Msg 89699)

    TIMKIENTZLE’s comments:
    > > I’d be interested in hearing about this new OSTerm/68k. I always
    > > thought OSTerm/Tascom had a lot of potential,

    > > but fell down in the details

    GREAT DESCRIPTION!!! CoCo OSTerm is really great, but just a few aggravating


    The enhancements you describe are FANTASTIC! Do I understand that the
    ultimate goal is to make OSTerm compatible for all OSK platforms, or will
    it be strictly MM/1? I have a Delmar system and would really love to have
    OSTerm running on it. IMO, this is one void (especially for us non-MM1’ers)
    that needs to be filled.

    — David Breeding —
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    89757 5-SEP 02:04 Applications (6809)
    RE: OSTerm/68K (Re: Msg 89699)

    Sounds good! In particular, it sounds like you made an effort to address
    the many problems in the VT100 emulation. (BTW, if you want, I have
    a bunch of test files for testing VT100, in the form of a fairly
    thorough `test program’ and a bunch of `VT100 movies’ that exercise
    VT100 emulations pretty thoroughly. The test program also exercises
    some VT102 functions. Old OSTerm/Tascom failed these tests pretty
    badly. Seems it kept switching into `ANSI’ emulation for no apparent
    – Tim

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    89774 5-SEP 21:14 Applications (6809)
    RE: OSTerm/68K (Re: Msg 89699)

    When you get a good listing of all the changes/features of the new term
    program, send me something in e-mail that I can print as an announcement in the
    next issue of “68′ micros”.