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PostScript Utils

89987 17-SEP 15:47 New Uploads
PostScript Utils

Attention PostScript/Ghostscript & TeX/LaTeX/dvips users.

I have just uploaded a few handy utilities to help manage
PostScript files. With these utilities, you can shuffle
pages, set up for book or booklet (both sides) printing,
resize documents etc.

I found them while wandering around Internet.

Compiled on my MM/1a – should run on other OSK boxes.

(Source included – GNU/FSF-type distribution)

If you use PostScript, you gotta have these.

If you don’t use PostScript, don’t bother — they are
no good for anything else — except maybe as examples
of C programs that rewrite text files.

Look for “psutils” in a few days.

A stitch in time ——————–
—— is worth two in the bush

John R. Wainwright < > < >

3 comments to PostScript Utils

  • pucc_unknown

    90004 18-SEP 18:30 New Uploads
    RE: PostScript Utils (Re: Msg 89987)

    Great! I’ve been using these for a few months now for doing two-sided
    printouts. I would have uploaded them later this week if you hadn’t
    beat me to it….

  • pucc_unknown

    90010 18-SEP 23:02 New Uploads
    RE: PostScript Utils (Re: Msg 90004)

    Tim, I’d like to get someone to write an article on using Ghostscript/LaTex,
    etc. on an OSK machine. The stuff that comes with LaTex isn’t easily
    understood as written. I also need some generic postscript stuff for later.
    Willing to fill in anything? Would be for “68′ micros” magazine..