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IFF/SND files

90413 23-OCT 04:22 General Information
IFF/SND files

Is there any way you or your fellow MM/1’ers could come up with a CoCo II/III
player for the MM/1 IFF/SND sound files? I, as well as many CoCo users, fell
left out because we simply cannot afford MM/1’s or any major upgrades in

PS. If the answer is yes, it would be nice if there was a RSDos version
as well as OS9.

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  • pucc_unknown

    90414 23-OCT 10:15 General Information
    RE: IFF/SND files (Re: Msg 90413)
    From: BOISY To: DGANTZ (NR)

    Sorry you feel left out, but I left the CoCo a while back. If you want
    the software, you should really consider upgrading to an OSK machine.

    There’s a new OSK machine that is really affordable now, BTW. It’s
    from Wittman Computer Products, based on a 68306 and has an IDE
    interface, floppy interface, 4 PC ISA slots, and is only $400. All
    you need to add is a case and power supply, a floppy drive and a
    hard drive. You can then add a graphics card in one of the PC slots to
    run an OS-9 windowing system.

    Bill Wittman’s address is WW2150 [at] ACSPR1 [dot] acs [dot] brockport [dot] edu

    I suggest an MM/1, but if cost is really a factor, this might be a good
    entry level OSK machine.

  • pucc_unknown

    90451 25-OCT 21:32 General Information
    RE: IFF/SND files (Re: Msg 90413)

    If you really want to play IFF/SND files on the CoCo, it can be done with
    the “Play” command here in this database. I have successfully played both types
    files with it. However, it does require that you set the type and sampling rate
    of the file or it will error out. With a little luck and patience, it will work.

    P.S., I just transfered a sound file from Doom on my PC over to my CoCo! It
    sounds as good on the CoCo as it does with the Sound Blaster!

  • pucc_unknown

    90516 31-OCT 03:14 General Information
    RE: IFF/SND files (Re: Msg 90451)

    Let me see if I understand Mark. Are you saying that the IFF and SND sound
    files follow the