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RE: BBS Re: Msg 84471

84478 30-DEC 21:00 Telecom (6809)
RE: BBS (Re: Msg 84471)

We (Erie County Color Computer Club) use OS9 Level II BBS originally
from Alpha Software Technologies and now I think Rick’s Computer
Enterprise carries it. It is extremely easy to modify, customize
and run external programs from and is farily bulletproof. The only
problem is it is not compatible with Shell+, but I suppose a good
hacker could fix that. If you want to check it out, give it a call
at (716)649-1368. I just checked, the entire CocoPro! package sells
for $55 from Rick’s. That includes the BBS, Presto Partner, Simply
Better WP, V-Term, Data Windows, Multi-Menus, Newspaper09, News
Fonts, Tools II, Ddisk Manager Tree, Level II Tools, Data Merger,
and Solitaire. Most of them are OS-9 and many of the Utilities
are excellent. I have most of them and recommend the package because
it costs less than I paid for any 2 of them!

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